Do Baby Cockroaches Mean An Infestation?

baby cockroaches

Baby cockroaches, also known as nymphs, are small (3/8″ long), flat, brown pests with 2 long antennae and spiny legs. Baby roaches are often mistaken for wood-boring beetles, red-flour beetles, ground beetles, june bugs, and bed bugs.

The presence of baby cockroaches usually indicates there is a nest nearby. Once a nest is established in or near your home, the odds are likely that you either have a full blown infestation already or one is in the process of starting.

Once you’ve identified the pest in your home as a baby cockroach, the next step is to find out where the nest is. Roaches are averse to bright lights and open spaces. You’re more likely to find them hiding out in dark, enclosed areas like pipes and cabinets. They also commonly hide out behind and under large appliances such as refrigerators.

Roaches won’t infest if they don’t have access to food, water, and shelter. Prevent roaches with the following tips:

Clean Your House

Roaches will still infest clean homes. It is important to make your home less attractive to them by eliminating food, water, and shelter sources. Keep your kitchen and other areas clean, especially areas where food is prepared or eaten. Sweep, mop, and vacuum on a regular basis. Regularly clean any surfaces that may be contaminated by roaches, even if you don’t see active bugs. Wash dishes before bed and wipe down countertops and stoves. Fix any leaks ASAP. Try to restrict food consumption to 1 or 2 rooms (e.g., kitchen and dining room) to help limit spills and crumbs left behind. Store food in sealed containers. Empty pet food bowls nightly. Get rid of any cardboard, paper, etc. that roaches can use to hide in.

Seal Your House

Seal any cracks on the exterior of the home. Seal around pipes and wall junctures. Be sure to check and seal around baseboards, pipes, and crawlspaces. Use weatherstripping to make sure doors and windows are secure.

Clean Up Outside

Empty your outdoor pet food bowls every night. Make sure to use trashcans with tight-fitting lids. don’t store your trashcans near doors and windows. Trim vegetation away from house walls. Don’t stack firewood against the house or leave it on the porch or deck for extended periods of time. Store firewood away from the home.

Look Everything Over

Roaches can hitch a ride indoors on anything you bring into your home. Make sure to carefully inspect any items you bring in from storage (clothes, holiday decorations, furniture, etc.). Check grocery bags and packages that are delivered to your home before bringing them inside. Roaches are also commonly found in used furniture and appliances. Make sure to check them carefully before bringing them in. Once you do get things inside, put them away quickly and dispose of the packaging immediately.

Call The Professionals

Roaches are resilient pests and can quickly adapt to most environments. They also multiply quickly, making them difficult to eliminate once they take hold in your home. If you are having trouble with a cockroach infestation, contact your local pest control company for a thorough evaluation to identify what type of roaches you are dealing with, where they are getting inside, and how to safely and completely eliminate them.

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