If you’re considering selling your pest control business, McCall Service offers a proven track record of employee success and client satisfaction. You can trust that we will not only take care of your existing customer base, but your employees, too.

McCall Service | Family Operated | Est. 1928

Since 1928, McCall Service has been Florida’s trusted pest management provider. We haven’t built that reputation on our own, however. Our footprint has expanded into all of Florida through partnerships with and acquisitions of other reputable pest control and wildlife management brands. We are interested in companies within our footprint or outside of our service territory in Florida.

The McCall Service M&A Difference

We’re always seeking business owners and builders who want to participate in a growth story and want a worthy home for their employees and customers. The process of selling should not, however, be complicated and stressful. Our ownership team is personally dedicated to providing an efficient, positive experience for all involved parties.
We act fast and offer a fair price, but there’s no cookie cutter formula for our process. Every deal is different. We’ll cater to your unique needs—including structuring the deal so that you can retire or stay on board, provided the fit is right!
Because we think in the long-term, our investments are always made with profitable generational growth in mind. There is no quarterly performance expectation or defined exit timeline. We offer terms other companies simply can’t.
All information and conversations related to M&A are kept in confidence and are covered by a non-disclosure agreement.
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Our Merger and Acquisition Process

Step 1

Initial Talks

What We Do:

We’ll meet for lunch, coffee, or over the phone to talk about your company, goals for the future, and a little bit about how McCall operates. There’s no commitment at this stage. As you can expect, this stage goes pretty quick.

What You Need:

Have a ballpark idea of service territories, general customer numbers, and other information. We won’t ask for specifics at this point.

Moving Forward:

  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreement (NDA)
  • High Level Checklist of Detailed Information
  • A non-binding offer (Letter of Intent, LOI)

Steps 2-4

Due Diligence, Asset Purchase, Finalizing Terms

What We Do:

In this phase, we’ll apply due diligence to determine whether or not the business acquisition makes sense on paper. This includes a deep look at your financials, service areas, current talent level, and assets. We’ll also look at areas of improvement and key risks.
We will also present terms for the transaction, including our agreed payment price for assets and/or stock. We will also finalize details, including your continued participation after the sale is complete.

What You Need:

Once the NDA is in place, we’ll request a 12-item checklist that includes detailed financial data, employee headcounts, compensation details, fleet information, and breakdown of revenue by service category.

Moving Forward:

Signed agreements, transaction documentation, and detailed terms Completion of the acquisition, payment, and transfer of shares and/or assets

Step 5

Post-Closing Activities

After the sales terms are complete, we prefer for owners and tenured managers to remain in an active role for at least 30 days after close, either in a consulting role or as active participants. Customers will receive a joint letter from you and McCall Service explaining the transition.
In cases of new territory expansion, your team will continue the day-to-day operations and exceptional service they’re already known for. If there is overlap in service routes or sales territories, your service reps may even be busier as we consolidate! During this stage, we will make final decisions about any branding and marketing changes. If your company is folded into the McCall Service brand, your fleet will also be rotated to our home office for replacement of truck decals.
During this process, we’ll also transition your team over to our existing benefits, payroll structure, and required training. In addition, we ensure your team is taken care of from day one: all members are “grandfathered” into the existing McCall structure. If a technician has served your customers for 20 years, they’re now a 20-year veteran of the McCall Service team—with all the benefits that includes!

Moving Forward:

  • Your team completes transition to McCall Service
  • Branding decisions finalized

Merger and Acquisition Inquiries

If you are looking for a potential buyer for your pest control service company, McCall Service would love to speak with you. As a family-owned company, we understand the hard work that building a business requires.

To learn more about the acquisition process or about our history of providing great service to both customers and employees, contact us now.

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Merger and Acquisition Timeline

While we have been a family-owned and operated business since 1928, our expansion has really taken off in the past ten years. The timeline below explores the history of the company’s growth and development through mergers and acquisitions.
McCall Service is founded as an ice company.
McCall Service acquires Simmons Ice Company.
Cooksey family acquires 20% ownership of McCall Service.
McCall Service acquires Golder Fuel Oil.
McCall Service acquires Atlas Pest Control.
Cooksey family acquires 100% ownership in McCall Service.
McCall Service acquires Copesan stock, eventually becoming a fully-vested shareholder.
McCall Service acquires Clay Lawn.
McCall Service acquires JC Erlich’s North Florida business, Access Pest Control, AAA Pest Control, Campbell’s Pest Control, Alachua Pest Control, and Advance Pest Control.
McCall Service acquires Enviro Pest.
McCall Service acquires Ocala-based JD Smith of Inverness and Conley Exterminating. McCall also acquires Jacksonville’s Eco Logic Pest Solutions.
McCall Service sells Copesan to Terminix.
McCall Service acquires After Hours Pest Management in Ocala, FL.
McCall Service acquires After Hours Pest Management in Ocala, FL.
McCall Service acquires Savannah Termite and Pest, expanding to Savannah, GA and the “low country” of South Carolina. In addition, Bug Bouncers Termite and Pest in Tampa, Orlando, and Sarasota join the McCall Family, as does First Coast Wildlife and Expel—creating the McCall Service wildlife division.
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