Crawl Space Solutions

Get better airflow and moisture protection with our crawl space solutions.

Crawl Space Services

Did you know? Your crawl space is responsible for as much as half of the air in your home.

If your crawl space is vented or unsealed, the air in your home may have mold, dust, contaminants, or excess moisture that has made its way inside via the crawl space.
If you’re worried about the health and safety concerns these contaminants may cause, contact McCall Service to learn how our crawl space solutions offer a system that can provide years of worry-free performance and protection.

What you need to know

Why Is My Crawl Space Important?

The crawl space underneath your home or business plays a huge role in air quality and energy usage throughout the structure. Crawl spaces allow air to circulate beneath the house and allow you to build your home up off the ground and install HVAC and piping in a place that is convenient for maintenance.

At the same time, crawl spaces are susceptible to mold, allergens, wood rot, and even pest infestations due to their open nature. McCall Service prevents and solves many of these issues with solutions designed to protect your property from moisture damage.

Crawl Space Insulation and Encapsulation

Signs of a Crawl Space Problem

You may have a crawl space issue if you notice any of the following issues in your home or business:

- Musty odors or poor indoor air quality - Dampness in the living area - Buckled hardwood floors - Mold growth - Allergic reactions or worsening asthma symptoms - Wood rot - Increased energy usage and bills - Pest infestations

What you get with McCall

How McCall Crawl Space Solutions Work

To solve your crawl space problem, McCall Service will work to create a well-sealed, unventilated crawl space—also called a closed crawl space—by sealing and insulating foundation walls and crawl space floors. This is more effective than just insulation the sub-floor with fiberglass batts. The encapsulated crawl space, as it’s called, is now a cleaner, healthier part of your home or building.

All crawl space service packages from McCall cover the installation of a vapor barrier in the crawl space of your home or business, including:

On-site installation preparation, including removing all cellulose debris and any storied articles from the crawl space. Additional fees may apply.

Installation of reinforced wall liner around the interior perimeter of the foundation wall and support piers using attachment tape.

Reinforced floor liner over the entire surface area of crawl space floor. Vapor barrier is then sealed with seam weld tape.

Vapor barrier and encapsulation system cleaning upon completed installation.

For an additional fee, we can use a cleaning treatment for all organic material inside the crawl space. This includes wooden structural components. The treatment will minimize existing mold growth prior to encapsulation.

Additional Equipment

McCall Advantage and Premier Crawl Space Solutions also include the installation of a Santa Fe dehumidifier and additional equipment (when necessary). The Santa Fe dehumidifier comes with a 6-year manufacturer warranty. These dehumidifiers exceed Energy Star efficiency requirements, use MERV-13 filters for superior air filtration, and are engineered for low temperature operation and air flow. In addition, they can provide ducting options for divided crawl spaces and will automatically restart in the event of a power outage.

About Crawlspace, Inc.

Our crawl space materials manufacturer, Crawlspace, Inc., is a pioneer and national leader in the crawl space encapsulation and vapor barrier service. This system enables fast, flawless installation for permanent home protection. In addition to solving your health and safety issues, the Your Crawlspace vapor barrier system never endangers your home’s foundation walls and is compatible with rigid board, spray foam, and fiberglass insulation applications. It is the safest and strongest crawl space solution available on the market.

Crawl Space Service Packages

McCall Complete

Crawl Space Solution
Our basic Crawl Space Solutions service line that includes the 6 mm Vapor Barrier Service and Includes:
  • Removal of cellulose debris and stored articles
  • Installation of 6 mm reinforced reinforced floor liner provides 80% coverage
  • Cleaning of vapor barrier system upon project completion

McCall Premier

Crawl Space Solution
Includes the entire McCall Advantage Service, a 15 mm vapor barrier liner, and a complete rodent exclusion of the property’s crawl space:
  • Removal of cellulose debris and stored articles
  • Installation of 15 mm reinforced wall and floor liner provides 100% coverage
  • Installation of Sante Fe dehumidifier
  • Cleaning of vapor barrier system upon project completion
  • Price Match Guarantee*
Best Value


CrawlSpace Seal

CrawlSpace Seal is an alternative moisture sealant solution that complements McCall’s already available CrawlSpace Solutions! It offers moisture protection for homes, ideally for those who may not need a full encapsulation or seeking added crawl space protection to create a healthier living environment for their family.

How Does CrawlSpace Seal Work?

LumberKote, a polymer sealer, is directly applied to the crawlspace’s exposed lumber, without the need for you to leave your home. This translucent sealant treatment is designed to protect the structural framing and subfloor from excessive moisture, fungi, and rot!

What to Expect with CrawlSpace Seal:

Effective Moisture Control

Non-Corrosive & Non-Toxic

Protection Against Rot and Fungus

Protects Structural Framing & Subfloor System

Family- & Pet-Friendly

30-Year Warranty

Before CrawlSpace Seal

The McCall Warranty

McCall has served Florida homes and businesses with reliable, affordable pest control solutions since 1928. Our commitment to excellence includes delivering incredible value and service. When you choose McCall for your crawl space treatment, you can expect:

The McCall Advantage Crawlspace Solution service package includes a limited 30-year warranty. This warranty is subject to an annual fee which must be paid in full and on-time every year to maintain. The annual fee includes an inspection and cleaning of or replacement of filters on dehumidifiers and sump pumps, if any, as well as repairs to damaged liners. Warranty is transferable in the event the property is sold.

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