The In2Care Mosquito Trap

An innovative part of our Mosquito Reduction program, the In2Care System is a hassle-free way to reduce mosquitoes from the start of their lifecycle


A Mosquito Reduction Solution

A part of our Mosquito Reduction Program, our In2Care System helps spread green treatment to other water sources, further reducing mosquitoes at the start of their lifecycle. Installed directly in your yard, with 24/7 green protection, the In2Care system targets larva and adult mosquitoes only, protecting the beneficial pests around your home. For more information, request a free quote.

Infographic describing how mosquitoes spread

How does In2Care differ from fogging?

In2Care stations offer targeted treatment for mosquitoes that is environmentally-friendly and non-disruptive to your daily outdoor activities. If insecticide use is restricted in your area, In2Care stations are a great alternative. When combined with our existing granular and micro-sprayer techniques, Mosquito Plus can help reduce your mosquito population significantly after only two to three weeks!

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