Why You Should Never Ignore a Cockroach Infestation

cockroach inside a kitchen, crawling underneath a white plate.

If we tried to count the number of times we’ve answered the phone calls of horrified clients with cockroach infestations, we’d run out of fingers and toes pretty quickly. No pest in our area makes us shudder in disgust and wrinkle our noses more than the cockroach. If you’ve seen one cockroach, you can count on there being more hiding just outside of view. In Jacksonville many other parts of our Florida service areas, they’re not just a winter pest—they’re a year-round threat to homes and businesses all over. At McCall Service, we’re dedicated to helping our neighbors rid their homes of cockroach infestations with careful, targeted pest prevention.

Why You Have Cockroaches

Cockroaches in your home are seeking the same things you are: food, water, and shelter. That’s why one of their most common hiding places is the kitchen. When they first gain access, they’ll spend a lot of their time there, crawling around in cabinets, drawers, and on counters. They get into any food sources they can, including bread loaves, bags of flour or rice, and even boxes of cereal. Cockroaches have a knack for finding the smallest crumbs on the floor or counters, and they really thrive when they can find greasy or sticky spots under the stove or refrigerator.

Because they’re able to cover so much ground (and counterspace), they can leave behind invisible contaminants on almost any surface, including salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus bacteria that can make you very ill. Their droppings can get into the air, too, causing serious reactions in anyone—especially kids—with asthma.

More Than a Nuisance

In addition to being terrible houseguests, cockroaches are definitely more than a minor nuisance. All too often, we find that clients discover evidence of cockroaches and use an over-the-counter remedy. They may assume that they’ve taken care of the problem by killing a few cockroaches, but unfortunately, that’s hardly the case. Hundreds more could be hiding in your walls or behind appliances, and that doesn’t even count the ones that may not have made it into your kitchen yet.

Eliminate Cockroaches Quickly with McCall Service

Finding cockroaches in your home is no one’s idea of a good time, but if you see signs, you need to take care of the problem pronto. Call McCall Service at the first sign of a cockroach infestation. We can usually get there within a day or two for an inspection. When we uncover the root of your problem, we’ll give you the best possible options to get rid of your roach problem and provide solutions to keep them out of your home for good.

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