Florida Ants: Active All Year Round

ants crawling over sticks on the ground

Ants are among the most common pests reported in Northern Florida each year. And because the temperatures in the area never drop enough to drive them into hibernation, they’re also active all year long. No one likes ants, but seeing them throughout the year is an extended frustration for many homeowners in the Sunshine State. Luckily, McCall Service is always standing by to help eliminate your ant problem and provide solutions to keep them from coming back.

What kind of ants can I expect to see?

The most common ant found in Northern Florida are carpenter ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants, and red imported fire ants. The only really dangerous variety are fire ants, as they’re the sole species that bite. That being said, just because you’ll see a lot of ants, doesn’t mean you’re forced to live with them.

What brings ants to my home?

The same thing as you: food. When one ant finds something it likes, it uses pheromones and signals to report back to the rest of the ants in the colony. Soon enough, you’ll see ants marching along as they make their way across your driveway or yard into your home. Ants are typically searching for carpet crumbs, leftover food from plates, pet food, or fruits on tables. They’re also known to be attracted to spills on countertops.

How do I keep ants away?

That’s the million dollar question, but it fortunately has an easy answer. Eliminate the temptation for ants to enter your home. Clean rugs and carpets regularly and seal  your trash in cans, both indoors and outside. Wash dishes immediately after use (or rinse them off). Keep clean counters and use a disinfectant. Pet food should be given at meals and then sealed back up if not eaten within the hour. Keep floors swept and vacuumed.

How do I keep ants from entering my home?

Ants are tiny, which means they can enter your home through any crack or crevice. The best remedy, then, is to eliminate these points of entry. Use a caulking gun to seal any cracks you can find. In fact, ants are a great way to find vulnerable points along your foundation—just follow the trail! You can also install door sweeps. Ants are fond of crawling underneath doors, so this can help keep them out.

Do home remedies work?

There’s no shortage of home remedies out there for ant prevention and removal—from washing floors with vinegar and lemon juice to spreading coffee grounds, peppermint oil, salt, herbs, and more around your countertops. They all have varying degrees of success. Lemon juice, for example, disrupts ant trails but also attracts fruit flies. The only way to truly deter ants from coming into your home is to locate and remove their colonies.

Call McCall for Ant Prevention and Removal

Getting rid of ants in or around your home doesn’t have to be expensive. Don’t fear going outside in bare feet or worry about witnessing ants crawling around your kitchen counters. Liberate your lawn from these backyard invaders. Call McCall Service for a professional inspection and get your home sealed up and secure from ants today!

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