Are Mice and Rats a Threat to Your Business?

rat on a wooden table sitting in front of assorted vegetables

Rodents, such as mice and rats, are among the worst pests that can make their way inside your commercial property. Depending on what kind of business you run, the impact of an infestation can be as minor as a ruined reputation or as major as a catastrophic structural fire. If you’ve seen signs of a mouse or rat problem around your business, it’s best to contact the pest professionals at McCall Service as quickly as possible. Don’t let a rodent infestation do any more damage.

Diseases and Illnesses

Mice can be responsible for several illnesses, but among the most deadly is the Hantavirus. Hantavirus leads to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, which is potentially fatal. In addition, mice and rats are known carriers of any of the following diseases:

  • Hemorrhagic fever
  • Lassa fever
  • Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia
  • Lymphocytic chorio-meningitis
  • Leptospirosis
  • Arenaviruses

In addition to disease, mice and rats’ instinct to forage brings them in close proximity to harmful bacteria. When these rodents scramble across counters, tables, dishes, and other parts of your business, they can spread these bacteria to you or your customers. Many illnesses brought on by rodents can lead to flu-like symptoms, including vomiting, diarrhea, fever, stomach cramps, and more.

Bacteria and viruses aren’t the only sources of infectious disease on rodents. Mice and rats also carry parasites in their fur, and lice, fleas, mites, and ticks can bring their own sorts of health problems.

Property Damage

It’s not enough that rodents can get you or your customers sick. Due to their need to constantly file down their teeth via chewing, mice and rats will gnaw through wood, sheetrock, insulation, and wiring. While both mice and rats are considered fire hazards, rats are particularly nasty when it comes to damaging man-made structures.

Ruined Reputation

First impressions are everything, and if you blow the chance to make a good one, you may have lost a customer for life. Rat sightings, tainted food, and disease epidemics traced to your restaurant or business can permanently damage your reputation. The best way to make a good first impression to your customers is to keep a rodent-free environment in your business.

Eliminate Unwanted Threats from Mice and Rats

Mice and rats are two pests you don’t want to let propagate throughout your business. If you’re ready to stop them dead in their tracks, partner with a pest control company that has proven strategies to eliminate existing issues and prevent future ones. Call McCall Service today to learn how our focused pest control methods can keep your business rodent free for good.

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