Four Anti-Cockroach Kitchen Hacks

A cockroach feeding on bread in a kitchen.

Why are cockroaches so hard to kill? They hide and can survive nearly anything, including some forms of targeted treatment. That’s why the best way to handle a cockroach infestation is to prevent one in the first place.

While you may think of cockroaches as a winter-specific pest, it turns out these unwelcome nuisance insects can and do frequent your home all year long. If there’s any room specifically that calls to cockroaches, it’s the kitchen. In this space of your home, they’ll find no shortage of food and harborage opportunities.

No matter how clean your kitchen may be, the risk of cockroaches may always exist; thankfully, McCall Service is standing by to help you solve any issues and give you tips to prevent them from popping up in the first place.

Signs of Cockroaches

Not sure if you may have a cockroach problem? The signs are a lot easier to notice than you might think. If you see even a single cockroach scuttling along the floor—or even a dead one or two—the chances are good that there’s an infestation hiding somewhere in the darkness of your kitchen’s most closed-off spaces.

Also, keep an eye out for smears or foul odors; these are prime sources of evidence that a cockroach infestation should be on your radar. Even minor property damage—like chewed-up boxes or cabinet corners—can be a sign of roaches.

Store food in airtight containers.

Storing food in airtight containers isn’t just one of the best ways to keep stored product pests from pilfering your pantry. It’s tip number one for reducing the risk of roaches in your home.

Cockroaches can be tenacious when it comes to crawling inside your cabinets, and they’ll do anything they can to find anything they can eat. Airtight plastic or glass containers keep cockroaches—along with other pests, such as rodents—from munching on their contents.

Clean up any spills.

Cockroaches love water, and kitchen spills are one of the best ways for them to get it. Any time a liquid is spilled in your kitchen, it needs to be promptly cleaned up. Regularly mopping your floors and wiping down countertops can remove sticky spots that attract cockroaches and offer them sustenance.

Block points of entry.

If you spend a lot of time getting deliveries, don’t let cardboard boxes accumulate. Roaches can hide inside boxes and packages. Even though it tends to be more of a retail problem, you can still end up with a cockroach infestation in your house. Break down boxes as quickly as possible and don’t keep the remnants in your kitchen.

The outside of your home needs attention, too. Seal up cracks around your foundation and do what you can to fill gaps near windows with caulk.

Hire a trusted pest prevention company for regular inspections.

The number one way to ensure cockroaches (and other pests) stay far from your home? Partner with a pest control company that knows their stuff. McCall Service has helped our customers deal with unwelcome cockroach problems, pest issues, and more for nearly 100 years. Our team of experienced pest professionals can reduce your risk of infestation with targeted treatments and knowledgeable service.

If you’re worried about cockroaches in or around your home, contact McCall Service for your inspection today.

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