3 Reasons Cockroaches Have Infested Your Home

Having just one cockroach is alarming enough but dealing with an infestation can be a nightmare! Your
home provides roaches with everything they need, food, water, and a nice place to live. There are
several species of cockroaches found in homes, including American cockroaches, German cockroaches,
and brown-banded cockroaches. While each can look a little different, there are 3 common reasons why
these roaches enter your home.

Excess Moisture

Roaches need water to survive, and when they find a water source, they’ll keep returning for more.
Familiar places where excess moisture is commonly found are AC units leaking, piles of wet leaves near
the home, damp basements, leaky pipes under sinks, and roof leaks. It’s important to check these areas
around the home for leaks or excess moisture and fix them as soon as possible. Humidity could cause
your basement or crawl space to collect excess moisture. Consider buying a dehumidifier for your
basement or enclosing your crawl space to eliminate moisture in these areas.

Leftover Crumbs

Roaches feed on anything they can find, often entering your home to search for a food source. They’ll
look through our trashcans for food scraps, eat crumbs or food left on surfaces or floors, and if
determined enough, they will chew through cardboard or plastic food containers! Cleaning and tidying
up your home are the key to avoiding these pests from infesting. After each meal, ensure you’re
throwing away leftover food, cleaning up spills, and sweeping frequently.

Your Neighbors

If you live in a condo, apartment, townhome, or a close-built neighborhood, roaches will likely travel
from one house to the other. Often, roaches can access another home by traveling under doors, through
sinks, sewer pipes, and electrical pathways! If in a townhome or condo, roaches will often crawl through
wall outlets. If you notice an increase in roaches in your neighborhood, look to seal or caulk gaps and
holes found on the exterior of your home.

Roaches are resilient, making it difficult to reduce and eliminate them. If your roach problem gets worse,
consider reaching out to your local pest control provider. These professionals will provide you with an
evaluation and proper treatment plan.

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