Chinch Bugs

What Are Chinch Bugs?

Chinch bugs are considered to be the most detrimental pest to St. Augustine grass in Florida. Adults are 1/5-inch long and black with white patches on their wings. The nymphs, or immature insects, range from 1/20-inch long to nearly adult size. They are reddish with a white band across their backs that changes color to black as they mature. The nymphs go through a couple of molting periods (called instars) that last four to five weeks before they reach adulthood. There are three generations per year in northern Florida and seven to 10 in southern Florida.

Why Do I Have This Problem?

If you have a St. Augustine lawn, then you are likely to encounter chinch bugs. They are a regular problem that plagues most yards around the area.

Are Chinch Bugs a Danger to My Family or Pets?

Although chinch bugs do not pose a health risk to people or pets, they are damaging to turf grass, especially St. Augustine grass. Chinch bugs withdraw the plant sap with piercing-sucking mouthparts, causing yellowish to brown patches in the turf grass. Injury is more prevalent in full sun and under dry conditions.

How Do I Get Rid of Them?

Chinch bugs are difficult to get rid of and, if left unaddressed, can cause significant, noticeable damage to grass when present in sufficient numbers. They can be found by parting the grass at the margin of the off-color areas. Examine at least three or four places in suspected areas. If chinch bugs are the problem, they will be crawling on the soil surface, and you should contact McCall Servicecontact McCall Service right away.

Our pest control and lawn care specialists are trained and knowledgeable on lawn pests, and they will evaluate your infestation and provide you with a free estimate. At McCall, we take all pest problems seriously and are committed to helping you as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.

How Do I Stop Them from Coming Back?

If you live in GainesvilleJacksonville, Tampa, or elsewhere in Florida, you already know chinch bug problems can be difficult to prevent, which is why many of our clients opt to receive regular service to keep lawns free of chinch bugs and other lawn pests. McCall Service can help keep your home and outdoor spaces free of invasive insects like chinch bugs. Contact us todayContact us today to schedule your inspection and bundle your lawn and pest control services.

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