Ants - Big Headed

What are big headed ants?

Big headed ants are a species of ants whose colors range from yellow to a reddish brown. Their colonies contain two different types of workers—major workers and minor workers. Major workers have a very large, pronounced head compared with the rest of their body. These ants act as soldiers who defend the colony while also using their huge mandibles to crack seeds for the colony to feed on. Minor workers, by contrast, are much smaller and feed the colony, build the nest, and care for immature ants.

Why do I have big headed ants in my home?

Big headed ants get into homes when workers, who forage for food and water, find points of access. While indoors, they prefer foods high in proteins. Ants use pheromones to create trails from the nest to your home, which encourages even more worker ants from the colony to follow them. If you have big headed ants, you’ll probably see them in kitchen and bathroom areas.

Are the ants dangerous?

Big headed ants don’t usually cause structural damage, bite, or sting, and most of the time they prefer to nest outdoors—only coming inside in search of food. A few species, however, are known for carrying tapeworms. Because of this, ridding your home of big headed ants as quickly as possible should be your first priority in the event of an infestation.

How do I get rid of big headed ants?

Like most ants, big headed ants can be difficult to remove due to their nature as foragers and the way their colonies are built. Only a small number of ants within a colony are actively foraging for food at any time, so inspection and pinpointing the colony’s location is the best way to remove them. In many cases, a colony can even be located far from the infested structure.

Performing treatment near or at the colony’s nest is the best way to get rid of big headed ants. Seek help from the pest professionals at McCall Service. We can evaluate the extent of your big headed ant problem and offer a free estimate for pest control service. We use the minimum amount of correct treatment for your insect problem to give you results as quickly as possible.

How quickly can you get here?

At McCall Service, we understand how distressing a pest problem can be. Because we take those concerns seriously and commit to helping you as soon as possible, we strive to respond to your pest issue quickly. In many cases, we can respond the same day or even the very next day.

How can I prevent big headed ants in the future?

Because of their numbers, ants can be a difficult pest problem to take care of on your own. Some steps you may take around your property to deal with big headed ants include:

  • Sealing cracks and crevices in your foundation
  • Trimming back trees and bushes away from your home
  • Placing a barrier between grass and mulch and your home’s foundation
  • Securing trash in outdoor bins with tight-fitting lids
  • Placing wood piles on pallets and storing it away from your home

The best step to take to help prevent big headed ants, however, is to introduce regular pest control services from a reputable company with decades of experience. At McCall Service, we specialize in providing unique pest control solutions to your pest issues. To get started with a free inspection, contact us us today.

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