Stored Product Pests

What Are Stored Product Pests?

Stored product pests, also known as pantry pests, are a group of insects that feed on flour, cereals, and dog food as well as other dry, stored food items. Stored product pests that are common in GainesvilleTallahassee, and throughout Florida include:

  • Cigarette beetles are hump-backed pests that pose a serious problem for the tobacco industry. These pests feed on foods, seasonings, and dry flower arrangements.
  • Drugstore beetles, also called bread beetles or biscuit beetles, are small brown beetles that feed on dried plant products, cereals, and more.
  • Flour beetles are major agricultural pests that infest cereal silos. In many cases, they eat wheat and other grains and are highly resistant to insecticides.
  • Indian meal moths feed on grains and cereals around the world. One distinctive feature of these pests is that their larvae are able to bite through plastic and cardboard.
  • Rice weevils are flying pests that deposit their eggs inside grain kernels. They attack many different crops, including wheat, rice, and corn.

How Do They Spread?

In many cases, beetles, moths, and other stored product pests get into your home or business through items that have already been infested because of damaged packaging or during the transit process. Because many of these insects lay their eggs inside the grains, it takes time for the pest problem to develop. Once it does, however, it can get out of hand quickly

Are Stored Product Pests Dangerous?

Stored product pests don’t cause damage to your home, but they do contaminate food products and render them unsafe to eat.

How Do I Get Rid of Stored Product Pests?

Most homeowners have trouble getting rid of stored product pests on their own because they infest a wide range of items. The first step is to throw out all contaminated food; then, contact us to help evaluate the extent of your pest problem and to give you an estimate on treatment.

How Soon Can You Arrive?

At McCall Service, we take all pest problems very seriously and are committed to providing you with relief as soon as possible. In most cases, we can respond the same or very next day.

How Can I Prevent Stored Product Pest Infestations in the Future?

Stored product pests can wreak havoc on pantries and warehouses if the infestation is allowed to spread. For homes, it’s best to inspect products at the store before taking them home. The best way to stop stored product pests from infesting your products is to use trustworthy vendors and ensure good supply line relationships. Most importantly, contact McCall Servicecontact McCall Service at the first sign of a pest problem to stop the issue in its tracks.

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