What Types of Flies Are There?

Flies are common household nuisances that drive everyone crazy. In the United States, flies usually come in one of one of the following varieties:

  • Fruit fly
  • Horsefly
  • Housefly
  • Cluster fly
  • Garbage fly
  • Stable fly
  • Whitefly

These flies are different sizes, are attracted to different food sources, and reproduce differently. However, they all have two wings and are all under the family Diptera. As a result, they do not stay airborne for very long and frequently land. Flies are attracted to food sources of all kinds as well as warm areas.

Are Flies Dangerous or Just Annoying?

Flies are a definitive nuisance, making a distinctive and annoying buzzing sound while flying around (especially near your ear!). They can be uncomfortable to encounter, especially if you have more than one in a room. Flies are also significant carriers of bacteria and disease. Since they breed in and eat human filth and garbage, they can and do bring diseases when they leave. However, flies themselves do not sting or cause damage to humans or pets.

How Can You Tell If You Have a Fly Problem?

If you’re continuing to encounter flies even after having success with your flyswatter, that may suggest that there is a breeding ground somewhere in your home. If you see fly eggs or pupae in your food, that is another sign that you have a serious fly problem.

Hire a Pro and Tell Flies to Buzz Off

Flies are so common that you might feel you have to solve the problem yourself. But you’re not alone. The McCall Service professionals will help you get rid of whatever fly problem you may have. If you’ve got a fly problem, contact us today.contact us today.

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