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What You Need to Know

After careful consideration, we have sold our lawn care services to TruGreen – a company who has been focused on lawn care for over 50 years. We trust your lawn will continue to be in great hands with TruGreen. If you have other McCall services – pest, termite, wildlife, mosquito, crawlspace, attic, and more – everything will continue as usual! We will continue to care for your property. By aligning with a lawn care company, we can dedicate our time and focus to our exterminating and total property protection services.

Get in touch with TruGreen about your lawn care services account by calling (855) 451-0426, or email TruGreen at [email protected].



We know an update like this is never easy! Please click below to see a full list of expected questions to support you. If you have any outstanding questions or if a teammate can support you further, please reach out.

We partnered with TruGreen to be able to better care for our lawn care customers and provide better opportunities for our lawn care teammates. TruGreen is focused on lawn care services, allowing them to better serve your lawn long term and allowing us to focus on growing and improving our total property protection services.

All of your current services will remain the same! By partnering with a dedicated lawn care provider, we are able to focus our energy, resources, and time on our core services. Further growing and bettering for you! We will continue to focus on our pest, termite, mosquito, wildlife, crawlspace, attic insulation, fire ant, bed bug, and other pest services.

Your lawn care services with TruGreen will begin in December 2023.

For your security and protection, we do not share payment information with any third parties. TruGreen will request your preferred payment information for your lawn care services with them! You will no longer be charged for lawn care services with McCall. If you have other McCall services and had an auto pay set up, you will continue to be charged for your other services (pest/termite/etc.). This will only be a charge for active services, not lawn care!

If you had a prepay amount for your lawn care services, McCall transferred this to TruGreen with your lawn care account. They will honor this prepayment. Please reach out to them for more information.

Our team is here to support any questions or needs you have. Please reach our Customer Care team at (866) 360-0439 or click here to find your local service center contact information.


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We will continue to serve your property as usual for all of your other services! Our goal remains exceptional experiences and healthier environments for decades to come.

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