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Keeping Your Lawn Green and Healthy with McCall

From inclement weather to accidental over-watering, maintaining a beautiful lawn in Florida can be a challenge. Over time, aspects such as general wear and tear or lawn pests can lead to permanent damage to your grass or turf.

Where your lawn’s health is concerned, watering it and sprinkling fertilizer on your own won’t cut it. That’s why McCall Service offers lawn care solutions to revive your grass and make you the envy of your neighbors.

Unlike traditional lawn care services, which offer mowing and landscaping, McCall Service focuses solely on your lawn’s health—we’ll leave the mowing and landscaping to you!

When you choose McCall to revitalize your residential or commercial lawn, our services will include twelve individualized lawn care applications applied monthly, such as:

  • Balanced fertilization
  • Insect control
  • Broadleaf weed control
  • Turf-related disease control
  • And more

Our team of lawn care professionals also use premium-blended products to customize a treatment plan. Your treatment plan can evolve between each application based on what your lawn needs.

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Leave Your Lawn’s Health to the Pros at McCall

Our lawn care services are administered by certified technicians who are experienced in disease control, insect control, and application methods designed to keep your lawn and ornamentals green and healthy. We offer a variety of lawn care treatments and solutions that will restore and rejuvenate your lawn, including:

  • Brown patch fungus control and turf pest control
  • Ornamental plants and shrubbery pest control
  • Fertilizer for lawns and ornamentals
  • Hydretain®
  • Sod services
  • Weed control

With our lawn care services, our team will design a lawn care program that meets your specific needs. From fertilizers to lawn pest control, McCall Service has the health of your lawn covered.

Common Lawn Pests in Florida

Southeastern states like Florida are prone to a variety of lawn pests that can ruin your grass or turf any time of the year. Common types of lawn pests we treat include:

Lawn pests can cause severe damage to your grass, turf, or ornamentals in a short period of time. With annual lawn care services from McCall, you can ensure pests stay far away from your soil or plants, leaving your lawn and garden luscious all year long.

Reduce Watering Requirements by Up To 50% or More

Chronically dry soil can become moisture-resistant, resulting in ineffective watering and poor absorption capabilities. At McCall Service, we utilize Hydretain® to help lawns deal with drought stress. The benefits of Hydretain® include:

  • Permits water absorption rather than channeling moisture away
  • Prolongs healthy internal processes
  • Dramatically reduces or eliminates drought-related stress issues
  • Controls or eliminates dry spots
  • Reduces watering expenses

Acting like water magnets, Hydretain® molecules have an advanced and eco-friendly chemistry that forms a thin film on root surfaces.


Soil aeration, like watering and fertilizing, is an important process for keeping your lawn healthy. Aerating your soil involves using either manual or mechanized equipment to puncture the soil with spikes or to remove small cores of soil from the ground. Mechanical aeration—which is a trusted method among professionals—removes cores of soil from the turf at a depth of four inches. When you aerate your lawn, you’re reducing compaction of the soil to accomplish several goals, which can include:

  • Improving drainage and reducing puddle formation
  • Enhancing water and nutrient absorption
  • Encouraging deeper roots
  • Giving grass seed better direct contact with the soil
  • Reduce buildup of lawn thatch, allowing your lawn to breathe

Why is aeration important?

Aeration can be an often-overlooked method of encouraging grass growth in your lawn, but it can be a powerful tool to help revitalize its overall health.

When should I perform aeration?

Aeration is good for your lawn, but it can stress the grass if done during the height of lawn growth. It also shouldn’t be performed on dormant lawns. Therefore, the best time to aerate is just prior to—or during—your grass reaching its natural peak growing period. For us in Florida, this is usually late spring or very early summer.

Aeration is easiest when the soil is moist from recent rainfall. Note that you should never aerate an overly wet lawn.

How do I aerate my soil? 

One of the best ways to ensure your soil is properly aerated is to trust a professional. At McCall Service, our lawn care programs include aeration. Instead of worrying about improperly aerating your lawn on your own, call our service professionals. We’ll walk you through a comprehensive lawn program and schedule your aeration at the optimal time, ensuring you get the best possible results.

Trust Your Lawn’s Health to McCall’s Specialized Lawn Care Services

When your lawn’s health starts declining, bring in McCall Service. Whether you need an annual “check-up” service for your monthly treatments to keep pests at bay, you can depend on our lawn care solutions to revive your outdoor oasis. Get in touch with McCall Service today.Get in touch with McCall Service today.



Lawn Care

Ornamental Shrub Care

  • 6 applications per year applied every other month
  • Fertilization and insect control
  • Due to the nature of plant diseases, we do not offer any type of warranty for damage due to disease. We will treat for them as they arise, but do not guarantee the results.

Fire Ants

With our yearly lawn care program, fire ant bait services can be provided twice per year. During treatment, one of our team members will apply fire ant bait to your entire turf area, as well as on individual ant mounds.

Flea Control

During yearly treatment, insecticide specifically designed to control all life stages of fleas can be applied during each lawn care service, ensuring your pets stay itch-free during the summer months.

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