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Roach in Jacksonville FL

Why Are There Roaches In My Clean House?

In: Cockroaches  |  Jacksonville Pest Control

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You have probably heard, as most have, that a clean house is a roach-resistant house. This is true. If you keep a tight ship, you will give those roaches less reason to want to make your home their home. But there is more to excluding roaches than just having a floor you can eat off of. Here is a quick guide that will help you isolate potential trouble spots.

  1. How clean is clean? You can mop the floors, clean the counters with disinfectant, and make everything shine, but are you cleaning where you need to clean? Roaches spend most of their time in places you hardly ever see on a daily basis. They are squeezed between the oven and the wall, where grease splatters and drippings hide. They are under the fridge where juice spills and lost food live. They are behind your sofa and in the cushions, where crumbs, candy and popcorn get lost. If you want to deter roaches, you need to get these areas on a routine basis.

  2. Stored food. Besides eating the grime and crumbs we leave behind, these insects also get into stored food. If you have unsecured pantry items, you'll have some very happy roaches. Consider getting hard plastic containers that seal. This will keep aromas in and roaches out.

  3. There is no food here. Really? If you're 100% sure you've gotten all those hidden food sources cleaned up and stored food protected, you may be wondering why you're still getting roaches. Roaches eat some crazy things, like soap, toothpaste, glue, leather, book bindings, hair and feces. These are not preferred dietary staples, but they do in a pinch. What is even worse, cockroaches can go more than 6 weeks without eating anything.

  4. More reasons than food. Sometimes you can have roaches for no other reason than that they are looking for a place to hide. If they can get in, they will.

Keeping your home clean, and all food sources secure does deter roaches. But if you're looking to keep all roaches out of your home you'll need to work to prevent them from getting in. Here are a few ways you can do this yourself:

  • Use a caulking gun to fill in any rotted holes in your exterior walls. Seal around pipes, outlets, air conditioning units and other area where gaps exist.

  • Inspect and fix all weather stripping and door sweeps. It doesn't take much of a gap for cockroaches to get in.

  • Examine all your screens and patch up holes.

If you live in an older house, or cockroaches are still finding a way in, it may be necessary to get a professional pest control company involved. Here at McCall Service, our certified technicians know how to check for vulnerabilities and apply focused and limited pesticides to areas that require them. Click here to find out how we can help you get rid of roaches and other pests that try to take over your Jacksonville home.


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