Rats, like mice, are rodents. Rats have incisor teeth that require them to constantly gnaw on surfaces to keep them from overgrowing. Baby rats and adult mice may look similar, but adult rats are much bigger. Their large heads, strong jaws, and long feet are just a few of the definitive features they possess. Depending on their species, rats may be brown or black in color.

Why do rats stay?

Rats enjoy living near humans, who can provide them with a ready supply of food. Some species of rats can climb quite well, allowing them to thrive in the upper parts of homes and buildings such as attics. Other species do not climb and therefore thrive in ground floors, basements, or crawl spaces. However a rat chooses to enter a home or building, they will locate a steady supply of food and build a nesting site in one of the aforementioned spots or inside of wall voids.

Are rats dangerous?

Like other rodents, rats present both health and safety hazards. They are known as disease vectors and will spread their urine or feces around your property, which can expose you to pathogens and increase the risk of allergic reactions. In addition, rats are also carriers of other pests such as mites, ticks, and fleas—which all have their own risks.

Their strong incisor teeth also allow them to chew on building materials. Rats are known to chew on electrical lines and plumbing pipes, raising the risk of fire or water damage issues. They may also create holes in other surfaces and get into food, pet food, or other food containers. Rats will leave deposits of grease along walls and objects as they travel to and from their nests to food sources.

How do I get rid of a rat problem?

The best solution to your rat problem is to identify their nesting and feeding places and eliminate them from your property. Our pest control experts have years of knowledge to determine rats’ main nesting spots and remove them. We will also provide proper cleanup to ensure you and your family are safe from future problems. Contact us todayContact us today to schedule your appointment and allow McCall Service to tackle your rat infestation.


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