Squirrels may seem like harmless park inhabitants, but they can wreak havoc on your home if they get the chance. From gnawing on electrical wires to ripping up attic insulation and staining floors and walls with their waste, squirrels are common wildlife pests in residential areas. If you’re dealing with a squirrel infestation in Florida, McCall Service has you covered with innovative control, removal, and prevention services. Learn more about squirrels and how to handle them below, or contact our team for squirrel control solutions today.

Why do I have squirrels?

If your Florida home has a squirrel problem, it’s likely in your attic. Like opossums, raccoons, and other wildlife, squirrels are drawn to the warmth and safety of your attic. The constant darkn ess and ample insulation are perfect for nesting and raising their young. Additionally, your wooden beams and electrical wires give squirrels something to gnaw on to keep their ever-growing teeth filed down. Squirrels are small and nimble, and they are very skilled at getting into your home. Common entrances into your attic include:
  • Damaged eaves or roof tiles
  • Cracks or holes in your siding
  • Poorly sealed vents and windows
  • Unprotected chimneys

Are squirrels dangerous?

Armed with large front teeth and tiny claws, squirrels may attack you if they feel threatened. Squirrels are primarily considered dangerous, however, because of the health and safety hazards they pose. These bushy-tailed critters can create electrical fires by chewing on wires. They also carry several diseases, including Salmonella, Lyme disease, rabies, and more. Breathing in air particles or touching surfaces contaminated by squirrels’ waste can also trigger allergies and other respiratory problems. Squirrels can also carry other pests into your home, such as ticks and fleas. Additionally, if you’ve noticed scratching noises in your walls or ceiling, or an unpleasant odor, you may have a squirrel infestation. To safely and accurately confirm that you have squirrels, contact McCall Service for a squirrel inspection.

How do I get rid of a squirrel problem?

From potentially contracting a disease to being bitten or scratched, there are too many safety risks and health hazards involved with getting rid of squirrels on your own. Your wisest choice is to enlist the help of wildlife professionals from McCall Service. Even if you don’t have a squirrel infestation at the moment, our exclusion and prevention solutions can minimize your chances of finding nibbling neighbors in your attic. Additionally, we can tidy up the aftermath of a squirrel infestation with our damage control services. Before squirrels drive you nuts in Florida, choose a wildlife control provider you can count on. Contact McCall Service today!


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