Bats are one of the most difficult wildlife pests to deal with in Florida. These winged creatures are often drawn to the dark, quiet environment that residential attics provide. Though bats may have many benefits, such as feeding on mosquitoes and other pests, they can cause property damage and health hazards if they invade your home. Discover more about bats below and how McCall Service can prevent them from becoming a problem for you and your household.

Why do I have bats?

Your attic’s dark, stable environment and insulation are perfect for nesting. As nocturnal animals, bats require shelter and protection from predators during the day while they rest. They typically roost in trees, under bridges, and in caves. Occasionally, however, if they find a damaged tile or gap in a residential roof, they can squeeze their way into the attic. Bats can also sneak in through damaged vents, loose window sills, or damaged eaves.

Are bats dangerous?

Despite their jarring appearance, bats are not inherently dangerous, as they are more likely to avoid people than attack them unprovoked. That being said, these flying mammals are known carriers of rabies and can spread bacteria through their waste. Even breathing in air contaminated by bat droppings can create health issues. Bats also have sharp teeth and may bite if they feel threatened. If you suspect you have bats in your attic or around your home, contact McCall Service’s wildlife specialists for assistance.

How do I get rid of a bat problem?

Removing bats is a delicate process, as they are protected by the state of Florida. You cannot kill or harm bats, and you cannot remove them at all during their maternity season. Bats birth and raise their pups from early April to mid-August. That makes preventing or removing a bat infestation an extremely time-sensitive process. Before you attempt to tackle a bat problem, choose McCall’s professional wildlife specialists. As licensed bat removal professionals, we can safely and legally remove bats from your property without causing harm to them or you.

How can I prevent bats in the future?

Do-it-yourself pest solutions often leave homeowners hanging when it comes to bat control and prevention. When you choose McCall Service, you can rely on our team of experienced bat control technicians to create a prevention program designed with your unique needs and environment in mind. Additionally, if bats have left a nasty mess behind, such as shredded insulation or collections of waste, we offer damage control to remove any sign of bats. Don’t let bats make themselves at home in your living space. Prevent an infestation or solve an existing one with McCall Service. Solve your bat problem and prevent potential ones with McCall Service. Request a quote online or give us a call to schedule a service appointment today!


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