What are pest birds?

Birds are considered pests when they’re noisy, leave behind copious droppings, damage homes or buildings, and cause other health problems. Florida is home to several types of pest birds, but the most common ones we see include pigeons, sparrows, hawks, ducks, and geese.

Why do I have pest birds?

Birds are attracted to properties that allow them access to roost and nest sites near food and water sources. Homes with bird feeders are, unsurprisingly, prone to problems with pest birds.

Are birds dangerous?

When pest birds flock to your home or business in large numbers, they can be extremely dangerous. Birds can spread several diseases via their droppings, including West Nile virus, avian flu, and Salmonella. They are known to spread other pests including lice, fleas, ticks, and mice.

Birds are also known for their penchant for property damage. Feathers and nests can clog and damage air conditioning units, gutters, vents, and machinery. Their droppings can lead to dangerous injuries such as slips and falls. Additionally, some species—such as geese and hawks—are known to be aggressive and territorial toward pets and people.

How do I get rid of pest birds?

Removing and deterring pest birds from your property can be difficult, but the best way to handle a bird problem is by hiring a professional. At McCall Service, our wildlife management program is built to help remove birds from your home or business in a humane manner. Our exclusion services also work to prevent new problems from cropping up.

How can I prevent this in the future?

The first step to preventing pest birds from flocking to your property is removing items that may invite them, such as bird feeders or standing water (including bird baths) and ensuring your trash cans are sealed with tight-fitting lids. If this isn’t enough, call McCall Service immediatelycall McCall Service immediately so we can take care of your pest bird problem. We will offer a free estimate and demonstrate how professional intervention can help stop serious pest bird issues.


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