Winter Lawn Care Services: How to Keep Your Grass Greener

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If you want your grass to look green and vibrant all year long, winter lawn care is a must. Neglecting your lawn during the off season will lead to pests taking over, which could cause damage to both your grass blades and their roots. Fortunately, McCall Service in Ocala, FL, has some tips on winter lawn care, including how to get green grass and how you can keep your yard looking fresh no matter what time of the year.

How You Can Get Green Grass All Year Long

Get a jump on pest control.

Routine pest control is an important step in winter lawn care. Though it’s important to eliminate any insects or pests that could damage your lawn, it’s also important to knock out any plant pests. Weeds can strangle your lawn and take away vital nutrients. Pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides—as well as correctly pulling fully grown weeds—will curb a weed infestation and help you take control of your lawn.

Aerate, fertilize, and water your lawn.

With the weeds out of the way, it’s time to tend to the grass and soil. Aeration helps to break up hard soil and allows water and nutrients to get to your grass’ roots. Fertilizing the soil at the right time and with the proper amounts will also benefit your grass.

Additionally, routine watering will help, but don’t get too carried away. Overwatering can kill the grass and leave your lawn with dead spots.

Mow your grass to the proper height.

Set up your mower to cut the grass about 3 inches high. This height will allow the sunshine to light the grass evenly and prevent certain weeds from germinating. It also makes it easy for water to reach the soil.

Note: After you mow, you can leave the grass clippings on your lawn. They’ll break down naturally and bring nutrients back to the soil.

McCall’s Year-Round Lawn Service

Green, vibrant grass is a sign that your lawn is healthy and strong. If you’re too busy to deal with weeds or to keep your grass mowed and maintained, let McCall Service in Ocala, FL, help. We provide year-round lawn service—including winter lawn care services—to take the hassle out of caring for your grass. We’ll create a customized program to keep your grass green, healthy, and strong in every season.

For questions about winter lawn care best practices, don’t hesitate to give our friendly staff a call today!



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