How to Control Mosquitoes in Your Florida Yard

control mosquitoes

Mosquitoes can become quite an annoyance in your yard if they’ve infested in numbers! These pests are known to leave behind itchy bites with a risk of spreading diseases such as West Nile, Zika, and dengue fever. While it’s hard to completely avoid mosquitoes in the Jacksonville, Florida area, it is possible to deter and reduce mosquitoes on your property. Check out our do-it-yourself tips to control mosquitoes that you can utilize during peak mosquito season!

Mosquito Control Tips

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitoes need water to breed and only need a small amount of standing water to do so. It’s important to eliminate standing water throughout your property to help avoid mosquito activity. Inspect your yard for low areas that are prone to flooding or pooling water, fill them in with dirt or mulch. Likewise, if your yard has items that can collect water, such as old tires, pet bowls, toys, or tarps, make sure to turn them over and wipe them down to remove leftover mosquito eggs, especially after a recent rainstorm.

Keep Your Yard Clean

Tall grass, dense vegetation, and damp woodpiles are the perfect environment for mosquitoes to thrive and hide out during a hot and humid day. Continue to maintain your yard by trimming back trees and shrubs that are overgrown and mow your grass regularly. Look to store wood in containers elevated off the ground with tightly sealed lids, placing them 20 feet from your home.

Consider Professional Mosquito Control

While placing the above mosquito prevention measures throughout your property will always help mosquito control efforts, sometimes it’s best to leave it to a professional. These pest professionals will provide your Florida property with a mosquito treatment plan to help eliminate and control mosquitoes, including monthly reduction treatments and additional mosquito control support, including the In2Care System.

If you’re tired of dealing with mosquitoes on your property and would like to start mosquito prevention now, call a pest control company near you!

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