When Should I Water My Lawn?

lawn being watered by sprinkler

As summer begins, you may find yourself wondering about the health of your lawn. Dry weather and intense heat add up to create conditions that aren’t favorable for your grass. Without proper watering, the summer sun will scorch your lawn and turn it from a lush patch of green to patchy brown scrub.

The number one remedy for this problem is to water your lawn regularly. But when should you water, and how much? At McCall Service, we’re proud to offer expert lawn care advice for Florida homeowners and businesses. Let’s look at not only the best time to water your grass, but some other tactics to help make the process of watering your lawn even easier.

Water Early or Late

Watering your grass in the early morning—think before 10 a.m.—is the best time to do so. In addition to cooler temperatures that keep evaporation down, the process of watering early on will help keep your grass cooler during the hotter parts of the afternoon.

If you can’t water in the morning because of time constraints or inconvenience, late afternoon is the next best option. Watering in the evening or at night, however, isn’t a good idea. If you water your grass too late, it will stay wet overnight. This can encourage fungal growth and other diseases. While you may be tempted to water during the hottest part of the day, the mid-afternoon sun will cause water to evaporate before it penetrates the soil, wasting water and helping to cook your grass even more.

Use a Screwdriver to Test for Adequate Watering

Generally, you should water your grass long enough that the soil can moisten to around six inches, but every lawn is different when it comes to soil properties. And knowing your soil is key when determining appropriate water habits.

To figure out if you’re watering enough, stick a long-blade screwdriver straight down into your lawn. If you can penetrate the earth to a depth of six inches without too much trouble, you’re probably watering your grass enough.

Use the Right Sprinkler System

Watering your lawn with an in-ground irrigation system—including pop-up sprinkler heads—is best, since the timer will automatically start the water at specific intervals and deliver precise amounts of water for your lawn’s needs. If you own your home and plan on keeping your lawn healthy for years to come, this is a great investment.

Should you choose not to use an in-ground sprinkler for cost or other reasons, the next best thing is a pulsating sprinkler connected to your garden hose. Because the pulsating sprinkler shoots water out over your lawn horizontally, less of it gets carried away by wind or evaporation than if you’d use an oscillating sprinkler that sprays vertically.

Use a Timer to Cut Down on Wasted Water

Worried about forgetting to turn off the water? Screwing a timer onto your hose bib is a great way to schedule your regular lawn watering without needing to turn off the sprinklers. Some automatic timers even include sensors to measure flow-rate and adjust to meet your lawn’s needs.

Hire a Lawn Care Expert to Help Determine Your Needs

One of the best ways to ensure your lawn stays healthy throughout the summer—and the rest of the year—is to hire a lawn care expert to help manage your lawn’s unique needs. At McCall Service, we specialize in helping our customers take care of their grass, whether it’s through lawn pest protection, irrigation maintenance, and general recommendations on fertilizing, seeding, and watering. If you’re not happy with the current state of your north Florida lawn, contact us today for a consultation.

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