Types of Roaches You Can Find in Your Clearwater Home

types of roaches

Spotting a roach in your home is less than ideal! If you do, one of the best ways to eliminate them is to know what type they are to determine the best treatment and prevention plan. We’ve broken down the most common types of roaches found in Florida homes and ways you can keep them away!

Common Types of Roaches in Florida

American Cockroach

One of the largest roaches Florida homeowners can come across is the American roach. These roaches can get up to 1.5 inches long and have a reddish-brown to yellow figure-eight pattern on the back of their heads. You’ll most likely catch these roaches seeking out environments with an available water source, including garages, kitchens, and bathrooms.

German Cockroach

German roaches are one of the most common roach species across the United States. These pests are dark brown in color and have two stripes on the back of their head. These roaches tend to hang out where humans eat and make food, such as kitchens and dining room tables. German roaches prefer warm environments and will even hide out under appliances like our dishwashers and refrigerators for their heat.

Brown-Banded Cockroach

Getting their name from the two light brown bands that appear across their wings, the brown-banded roach is seeking a dry, warm, and higher location to inhabit and find a food source. These roaches tend to hide in cabinets, under furniture, and even behind picture frames!

Roach Prevention Tips for Florida Homeowners

Preventing a roach infestation starts with creating a less attractive environment for them to begin with! There are several methods you can use around your home to deter roaches from entering in the first place. Consider these easy do-it-yourself roach prevention tips:

  • Declutter Your Home: During the day, roaches seek places to hide and at night they emerge to look for a food source. Decluttering and cleaning out items in your home will help limit potential hiding places. You can do this by throwing away old newspapers, using plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes for storage, and picking up clothes off the floor.
  • Limit Moisture Around Your Home: Roaches need water to survive, so removing any available water source is key to avoiding them. Fix any dripping faucets or leaky pipes as soon as possible. Likewise, if you have a crawlspace, crawlspace encapsulation can help remove excess moisture, avoid wood rot and fungi, and control pests like roaches, termites, and ants.
  • Don’t Forget About the Kitchen: Your kitchen is an ideal environment for roaches to search for food. It’s important to clean up any spills or food crumbs daily and especially after each meal. Look to take the trash out regularly and store food in plastic containers in your pantry.
  • Block Their Entrance: Roaches can sneak into your Clearwater home through the smallest hole or gap. Ensure all openings in doors, windows, and foundations are sealed. Replace any old weather-stripping and make sure your window screens are in good repair with no holes. Likewise, consider keeping your outdoor lights on motion sensors versus having them on all night to prevent roaches from coming into your doorway.

Prevention is a great way to keep roaches away but sometimes it’s best to call a professional for additional support. A pest control company near you will thoroughly inspect your home and provide you with the best plan to eliminate and prevent these pests in the future.

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