Mosquito Reduction in my Ponte Vedra Beach Home

mosquito reduction

Mosquitoes and Florida are the perfect pair. Our warm, humid climate is the perfect environment for these pesky mosquitoes to breed. While it’s inevitable to run into mosquitoes, reducing their activity in your yard is easier than you think! Let’s break down some mosquito reduction techniques you can use to deter mosquitoes away from your yard so you can enjoy the outdoors again!

Mosquito Reduction Techniques

Remove Standing Water

The smallest amount of water will allow mosquitoes to breed and survive, so it’s crucial to remove any stagnant water throughout your property. Identify any areas where standing water is available to mosquitoes, such as leaking pipes or dripping HVAC units and repair them. Remove items that can hold water, especially after a thunderstorm, including toys, buckets, outdoor pet bowls, and tires. If you have low-lying areas in your yard or hollow tree stumps that can flood or pool with water, fill them in with dirt or mulch.

Maintain Your Yard

Tall grass, damp woodpiles, and overgrown shrubbery are the perfect environment for mosquitoes to hide. Continue to maintain your yard regularly by cutting your grass and keeping shrubs trimmed. After a thunderstorm has passed, look to clear your gutters as they may have debris and leaves clogging them, which can create a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. If you keep wood on your property, consider covering or storing it in containers with lids and at least 20 feet away from your home.

Consider a Regularly Scheduled Mosquito Service

One of the best ways to avoid a mosquito infestation in your Florida yard is having regularly scheduled mosquito service.   A mosquito control company near you can provide you with targeted treatments to eliminate both larvicide and adulticide mosquitoes. These professionals will also recommend the best mosquito reduction methods for you to utilize to prevent future infestations. Most mosquito control companies provide a service guarantee that ensures a technician will come out between treatments if any further issues arise!

If you have a problem with mosquitoes or any other pests, contact your Florida pest control company for a free analysis!

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