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06 / 27 / 19
Mosquito sucking blood

What You Can Do About Mosquitoes’ Speedy Reproduction Cycle

Mosquitos are particularly pesky because of how fast they reproduce. Follow these tips to prevent them from reproducing and causing you a big headache.

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08 / 09 / 18
Mosquito sucking blood

A Rundown On The Most Common Health Issues Caused By Mosquitoes

We know that mosquitoes spread a variety of diseases, but which ones do they carry – and what can that mean for your health if they’re not taken care of?

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12 / 14 / 17
A colony of mosquitoes flying

The End Of Mosquito Season Isn't The End Of Mosquitoes In Florida

In most places, mosquitoes aren’t active during winter, but Florida is often an exception. McCall Services explains their extended season.

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08 / 22 / 16
mosquito bite

Zika Update For Tallahassee

We're not gonna lie; Zika is scary. When this virus broke out in French Polynesia, it was associated with a twenty-fold increase of Guillain-Barre syndrome. This autoimmune disease can produce widespread weakness and paralysis in the body. With this syndrome, two-thirds of patients lose the ability to walk, and 25% have to be put on a mechanical ventilator due to weakness of respiratory muscles. Fortunately, over 80% of those who contract Zika show little or no symptoms at all, and it is most commonly associated with an itchy red rash, fever, headache, and muscle pain.

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