3 Tips for Anthony, FL Residents to Keep Mosquitoes from Biting

mosquito bites

In Florida, it can feel impossible to avoid a mosquito run-in while you’re outside. These nuisance pests are known for biting humans and pets, leaving itchy red bumps on the skin. One of the best ways you can avoid mosquito bites is both protecting yourself and protecting your property. We breakdown easy do-it-yourself tips you can utilize to protect against mosquito bites and ways to mosquito-proof your home!

Protect Yourself

Mosquito repellents that contain DEET are a great way to avoid these pests when you’re enjoying the outdoors. Consider utilizing mosquito repellents when you know you’ll be outside for long periods. When applying the repellents, ensure that you read the products label on how you can properly apply the repellent onto your skin, so it is effect against mosquitoes.

During peak mosquito season, it is best to cover your skin with long-sleeved shirts and long pants when you’re outdoors as much as possible. Avoid wearing darker-colored clothing as these colors will attract and stand out to mosquitoes. Instead, look to wear light-colored clothing that’s made of synthetic fibers. Likewise, avoid wearing any sweet-smelling colognes or perfumes.

Remove Standing Water

Throughout your property, it’s important to remove all standing water. Mosquitoes only need a small amount of water to begin the process of breeding. Once mosquitoes find water, they’ll lay their eggs in standing water, where the eggs will soon develop into larvae and will float just above the water’s surface. It takes around five days for the larvae to swim and 72 hours to become an adult mosquito. Inspect your yard, especially after a rainstorm, for items that can or will hold water, including buckets, pet bowls, tarps, empty flowerpots, and more. If you notice any low-lying ditches, fill them in with dirt or mulch so water doesn’t pool up. Regularly check your gutters for debris and leaves and clean out as soon as possible, as they can become a mosquito breeding ground.

Tidy Your Yard

There are several ways you can create a less desirable environment for mosquitoes. These pests tend to hide in thick foliage, plants, tall grass, and damp woodpiles in yards. To deter and keep mosquitoes from invading your yard, keep your grass and shrubs short by mowing frequently and cutting shrubs back regularly. If you store firewood or lumber on your property, store it at least 20 feet from your home, elevated off the ground, and if you can, in plastic containers with lids.

If you’ve noticed more mosquito activity on your property or would like to get started on mosquito-proofing your home, give a pest control company near you a call! These professionals will provide you with a comprehensive mosquito control plan and mosquito treatment options customized to your situation.


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