Reproduction Run Rampant: Why Even A Few Fleas Are A Bad Sign


Fleas cause discomfort and even disease with their bites. These pests enter our homes by hitching a ride on a human host, our pets, or even used furniture. They reproduce quickly, making it difficult to stay on top of infestations. If you spot a flea or two inside your home, beware: You could have a flea invasion on your hands. McCall Service, providing flea control in Ocala, FL and other communities in the region, offers the information you need to protect your household.

Flea Reproduction

The average female flea lays approximately 20 to 30 eggs per day, or about one an hour. Highly productive females can double that number. Egg production starts a day or two after she finds a host, peaking at four-to-nine days after she first feeds on our blood or that of our pets. She may continue laying eggs for up to four weeks.

Are you hosting a hidden flea population?

You might think your pets are spreading fleas to each other or from other animals. Although this is possible, it’s likelier that they’re dropping eggs onto your floors while grooming. They hide out in droves in your carpet and the upholstery on your furniture. Their numbers can grow exponentially inside your home before you realize you have a problem.

Preventive Flea Control

Avoid bringing in used furniture, and check your clothing before heading indoors. Protect pets with a flea treatment from a reputable supplier, and consider using at least one dehumidifier – fleas can only live in a damp environment. Frequent vacuuming also helps prevent flea populations from flourishing. Empty the vacuum’s contents outdoors to avoid redistributing the pests inside the home. While using the vacuum cleaner at least every other day helps, you need the expertise of a pest control company to completely eradicate an infestation. Experienced technicians understand the behavior of this and other pests. They also have the equipment and supplies needed to get rid of these bloodsuckers.

We Make Your Fleas Flee

As you can see, spotting a single flea could mean there are hundreds more lurking in your home’s warm, cozy carpets and furniture. Banish a flea infestation with help from our friendly team at McCall Service. Our family-owned-and-operated company provides safe, effective flea control to residential and business customers. We’ve served Ocala, FL and other regional communities since 1928, so count on our expert techs to restore comfort and well-being to your household.



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