Why Florida’s Humidity Is Ideal For Silverfish Infestations


Tourists and others fleeing cold climates love the year-round warm weather in Tampa, FL. Unfortunately, so do silverfish – and it doesn’t help that it’s so humid here. If you’re tired of seeing these insects slithering around your home, or want to prevent an infestation, follow these silverfish control tips from McCall Service.

Potential Household Damage 

These bugs can cause a surprising amount of damage to items in your home. While they don’t spread disease like cockroaches and a handful of other pests, they can contaminate your food supply. Your paper, wood, and other fibrous household items aren’t safe, either. These silvery insects can – and will – destroy photos, paintings, books, paper keepsakes, and other fiber-based items. They aren’t picky; they even consider your wallpaper up for grabs!

What’s on the Menu? 

Preventing these pests from coming into your home is much easier than stopping an infestation. Silverfish can produce as many as 20 offspring, making it difficult to get rid of them on your own. The key is to make your home less attractive by cutting off their food source. These insects enjoy dining on proteins and starches in particular. Your favorite paper and wooden keepsakes and everyday items are also on the menu, making silverfish control a must in any infested household.

Prevention Tips 

Depriving these invasive pests of food and water is the best preventive measure. Keep clutter at bay by storing paper goods and book collections off-site. Clean your stove, oven and kitchen surfaces as soon as messes occur, and store all food in the refrigerator or airtight containers. They also like heat and dampness, to the dismay of our customers in muggy Tampa, FL. Wipe off condensation as soon as it occurs, and repair any plumbing leaks immediately. Stay on top of spills, and be sure to shut off faucets all the way after use.

Your Silverfish Solution

No one likes the sight – or thought – of silverfish running amok in their home or business. Luckily, a little preventive care can keep these pests from ruining your belongings, contaminating your food or simply giving you and your family the creeps. If you suspect these pests have begun a takeover of your home or work space, get professional help. McCall Service has provided safe, thorough silverfish control to our residential and commercial customers in the Tampa, FL area since 1928.

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