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Lawn Care To Mend The Wear And Tear Of Winter

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Lawn care is important year-round in Ocala, FL, particularly in January and February when the weather turns cooler. Taking care of your lawn during this time ensures that your grass is in tip-top shape once spring arrives. McCall Service specializes in lawn maintenance and has a few benefits to keep in mind if you want your lawn to look its best throughout the spring and summer months.

3 Benefits of Winter Lawn Care

Prevents Pest Damage

Treating your lawn for pests now will keep them from overpopulating your yard this spring. Common turfgrass pests such as chinch bugs, grasshoppers, and billbugs create unsightly damage in lawns across the state. Other lawn pests, such as brown patch fungus, can also take over and damage your grass. McCall's preventative pest control services can treat your lawn for these pests and stop them from turning into a massive infestation.

Builds Strong Roots

Your grass needs a strong root system for resisting pest and weather damage. The winter is a good time for fertilizing, aerating, and dethatching your lawn. A strong root system will make your grass healthier and more resistant to drought damage or flooding. We provide numerous lawn services such as irrigation and fertilization to care for your grass during the winter.

Creates Thicker, More Vibrant Grass

If your grass is sparse now, it's the right time to reseed your lawn. You can also take this time to add new sod so that it has a chance to take root and to grow thick and vibrant in color. McCall Service provides sod and seed services to cover up those bald patches and to make your lawn look greener and fuller for spring.

Professional Lawn Care in Ocala

 Before winter takes its toll in Ocala, FL, it's time to take control of your lawn. Investing in preventative pest control and performing tasks such as adding seed, fertilizer, and irrigation can make your grass more resilient to damage come spring. Contact McCall Service to schedule lawn maintenance services with our certified specialists. We'll design a lawn maintenance program that meets your needs and takes care of your yard all year long.

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