Mosquitoes: DIY Mosquito Control for Florida Homeowners


As a Florida resident, mosquitoes in your backyard are bound to be a given during the warmer months of the year. Sometimes, their wrath seems inescapable, and you are left wondering what you can do to alleviate the situation. While the complete elimination of the pest is impossible, there are a few tricks you can utilize to help reduce the number of mosquitoes around your property. Here is our list of DIY mosquito tips to take back your yard this summer.

Remove Standing Water

Any standing water around your yard acts as a breeding site for mosquitoes, and they do not need much water to do so. Mosquitoes can even breed in the water of an overturned bottlecap. You may find this standing water in places like gardening buckets, flowerpot saucers, or French drainage pipes. It is best to dispose of or cover this water to avoid further backyard infestation.

Maintain Your Yard

Many people may not know this, but adult mosquitoes love to rest in shaded, cool areas. It is best to eliminate these areas by maintaining a well-cut lawn and keeping shrubbery pruned. They also enjoy hanging around any wood or lawn debris, so be sure to remove or relocate this debris to at least 20 feet away from the property.

Grab a Fan or Two

Looking to keep mosquitoes off your back patio? These pests are weak fliers and are easily manipulated by the wind around them. Grab a couple of fans to deter them from getting close to you. The fans also work to disperse the carbon dioxide and other mosquito attractant odors our warm-blooded bodies let off, keeping you and your family off the menu.

All these tips and tricks above can provide you mosquito-free relief as you spend your summer relaxing in your yard, but you may notice the relief is only temporary. The best way to tackle your mosquito issue is to contact a licensed pest control company who will provide you with a stress-free and permanent mosquito control solution.

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