Maintain Your Yard and Keep Mosquito Free!

Close-up of a mosquito perched on a leaf

Many of us like to spend time with family, pets, or friends outside and enjoy the springtime weather! The last thing homeowners want to deal with while outside are mosquitoes. Mosquitoes can be a major nuisance and a danger to your family and pets, as they survive by sucking blood from animals and humans. Luckily, there are some easy do-it-yourself prevention measures you can place throughout your yard to avoid these pests!

Fill in Hollow Areas

Mosquitoes breed in standing water, making it essential to remove any unnecessary water throughout your property. Low-lying areas like ditches can collect water after rain or watering plants. If you notice any of these areas, simply fill them in with dirt. Check for any hollow logs and stumps throughout your yard too. These areas can not only hold standing water but can provide overwintering mosquitoes a place to hibernate.

Remove Unnecessary Items

It’s important to look throughout your yard for any unnecessary items that can hold water. Items such as fountains, toy buckets, outdoor pet bowls, tarps, and flowerpot saucers should not stay in your yard for a lengthy period. Remove excess grass, leaves, firewood, and yard clippings, as mosquitoes tend to habitat in grass and debris.

Maintain the Pool

If your pool is well-maintained, mosquitoes will avoid it. But, if your pool has been unused for a while, the stagnant water will attract mosquitoes. Look to keep your pool maintained or covered if you are not planning to utilize it.

If you’ve utilized these DIY mosquito prevention tips and are still having an infestation of mosquitoes, it could be time to contact your local pest control company. These professionals can provide you with the best plan of action to eliminate mosquitoes.

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