Common Florida Stinging Pests

A magnified image of a common wasp

Common Florida Stinging Pests

During the spring and summer months, stinging pests are the most active. Encountering these pests could potentially harm you, as their sting can be extremely painful and sometimes cause an allergic reaction. Check out the most common stinging pests in Florida and how you can prevent them from stinging.


Wasp nests are found on branches, porch ceilings, eaves, and attic rafters. If these pests feel threatened, they often sting multiple times and call on reinforcements by emitting pheromones. If you come across wasps, calmly walk away instead of swatting them, as swatting could agitate them even more.


Known as social insects, yellowjackets have a stinger that allows them to sting multiple times, making it extremely painful. You’ll often see these pests hover around picnics and BBQs since they are attracted to sweet foods and protein. If you’re having an event outside with food, it’s best to keep your food covered tightly to avoid them.


Some are not aware that hornets are a benefit to our ecosystem, as they help control the population of household pests. Though, it’s not always ideal to have them infest our property or home. Hornets prefer to build their nests on the walls of houses, attics, and hollow trees. Attracted to light, they’re known to fly into windows at night and infest.

Prevent an encounter with stinging pests by:

  • Keep your picnic food sealed in containers.
  • Avoid wearing strong fragrances.
  • Ensure all your doors and windows have screens.
  • Wear darker colors such as floral, bright-colored clothing that attracts these pests.
  • For a stinging pest invasion, it’s best to call your local pest control company, as they can provide a legal plan to remove these pests from your property.




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