Mosquito Myths: Keeping Yourself Safe from Pesky Pests

young child surrounded by mosquitoes

No one likes mosquitoes. Who would? They’re disease carriers and can turn a wonderful outdoor outing into a “run-for-your-life” nightmare. There are many different myths regarding these blood-sucking pests. McCall Service is here to dispel those common myths and provide real pest control tips to keep you from becoming their next meal.

3 Mosquito Myths and Pest Control Tips

Myth: Citronella Candles Keep Mosquitoes Away

People often light citronella candles outdoors to prevent mosquito bites, but it doesn’t always work out as planned. Why? The scent only masks the smell of your skin. If the wind is blowing and a mosquito is close enough, it will still bite you.

Pro Tip: If you plan to use citronella candles, light them in an enclosed space or when the wind isn’t strong enough to make them less effective.

Myth: All Mosquitoes Bite You

Only the females bite, and it’s not just because they’re hungry. They require blood to help with breeding. Once they bite you, they leave and find a place in which to lay their eggs in water. It’s usually nearby, which leads to mosquito infestations a week later. In fact, it only takes about two days for the eggs to hatch and about 10 more days until the larvae mature into breeding, biting adults. The males never bite and only feed on plant matter.

Pro Tip: Get rid of any standing water around your property. Turn over buckets, and place old tires under a covered space. Water can collect on everything from tarps to kids’ toys. Taking away the water will eliminate the pests’ breeding grounds.

Myth: Mosquitoes Aren’t Attracted by What You Wear

A mosquito will bite anyone in their proximity no matter what the person is wearing. However, it appears that these pests go after people who wear darker clothing. If you wear dark clothes, it’s possible that they’re mistaking you for a dark-colored animal.

Pro Tip: Wear light-colored clothing anytime you go outside during mosquito season. It might make you less of a target and prevent nasty mosquito bites this summer.

McCall Service: Pest Control Specialists

You can’t lock yourself indoors all summer until the pests go away. Let us give you back your outdoor space. When all other methods fail, we’ll come over and treat your property with our residential and commercial pest control service. We’ll get rid of the mosquitoes using safe and effective treatments. We can also provide tips on how to keep them from returning and ruining your outdoor fun.


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