Ticked Off: How to Keep Ticks from Sucking the Joy Out of Your Summer

tick on a blade of grass

As summer takes hold, you might start to encounter more ticks throughout your landscaping. These blood-sucking pests thrive in the warm season and transmit illnesses such as Lyme disease, making them a real danger to your home and family. Worried about ticks? Use our tick control tips to help keep these Florida pests off you and your family this summer.

3 Tick Prevention Tips for the Summer

Take Care of your Landscaping

Mowing your lawn to a short height and trimming back the shrubs will reduce the ticks’ hiding and resting spots. Mice may carry ticks onto your property, so it’s important to get rid of yard clutter to eliminate the rodents’ habitats. If wildlife comes into your yard, it may also introduce ticks to your property. A good practice is to set up fencing to protect your garden plants and to keep wildlife away.

Protect Yourself when Going Outdoors

Hiking is a popular outdoor activity in the summertime, but paths and trails can lead you straight into tick territory. Stay directly on the marked paths when you’re hiking, making sure to stay away from thick, overgrown brush. If you just want to enjoy your backyard, don’t sit on the ground without putting down a white or other light-colored blanket. This will make it easy to see any ticks that may crawl across the surface. While outside, avoid leaning against trees. Ticks can easily crawl from the tree to your skin or hair without you even noticing.

Develop Good Tick Removal Practices

Always perform a thorough check before coming indoors from the outside. The longer a tick stays attached, the more time it has to transmit Lyme disease to you. Remove all of your clothes and check your armpits, groin, head and other areas. Shower afterward and put on different clothes. It’s a good idea to wash the worn clothes immediately in hot water to kill any ticks that may be hiding in the folds.

Prevent Ticks with Our Pest Control Program

With our tick prevention tips, you won’t have to worry about Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, or other tick-borne diseases this season. For complete peace of mind, contact our tick removal specialists to get rid of ticks in your lawn. We’ll treat the area for ticks and prevent them from threatening you, your family, and your pets all summer long.

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