I Have Bed Bugs, What Now?

bed bugs

Bed bugs in your home are alarming and stressful. Once you’ve noticed these invasive pests have infested, it can be difficult to figure out what to do next. Check out our tips below on dealing with bed bug infestation and how you can prevent them from moving forward.

Inspect Your Home

If you notice bed bugs in one area of your home, likely, they have already spread to other areas too. It’s best to check throughout your entire home for these pests. Inspect all mattresses, bed linens, box springs, furniture, couches, folds of curtains, and more. If you’ve been traveling, check all items that traveled with you, such as suitcases, purses, and clothes.

Develop A Plan

Once you have a good idea of where bed bugs have infested, it’s best to record the entire process. Take notes of the dates and locations where these pests are found in your home. This helps you track progress and assists pest professionals by knowing where to target when removing them.

Stop the Spread

After recording where these pests invaded, it’s time to stop them from invading other areas of your home. Utilize protective covers that seal mattresses and box springs; the bed bugs will get trapped inside and die. If they have infested your furniture, look to remove it responsibly if you cannot completely remove bed bugs. Look to seal furniture or other items in plastic bags to ensure bed bugs are also trapped.

Reach Out to a Professional 

One of the most important steps when dealing with bed bugs is getting ready to receive treatments. There are several different treatment methods homeowners can choose from, but one of the best and most effective solutions is utilizing your local pest control company for help. These professionals specialize in the elimination and prevention of these pests. They’ll be able to assess the situation at your home and provide you with the best plan for bed bug control to remove them from your home.

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