How Does Mosquito Control Work?

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You might think of them as saboteurs of all your outdoor activities, but mosquitoes are more than just nuisances – they’re disease carriers that can sicken your family and pets with illnesses ranging from dengue to West Nile Virus. Fortunately, pest control professionals now have access to an impressive array of insecticides to get rid of mosquitoes at your home. From micro-sprays to mosquito bucket traps, a combination of mosquito suppression strategies can help protect your household from these potentially dangerous pests.

How does mosquito control work?

While there are DIY products and techniques available, they aren’t equipped to quickly and completely eliminate mosquito infestations like professional pest control treatments. The goal of most professional treatments is to disrupt pests’ breeding grounds and destroy larvae and egg-laying females. Common treatment types include:

  • Granular treatments: Granular treatments are tiny grains of insect growth regulators that are applied to areas of standing water and eliminate pests before they can make their way indoors, while being harmless to pets, humans, and other creatures.
  • Residual Treatments: Residual treatments create barriers to your home by eliminating adult mosquitoes when they land on the residue to rest.
  • Bucket traps: A device that attracts mosquitoes and kills them off in a way that is safe for both other wildlife, pets, and humans, as well as the environment.

What are mosquito bucket traps?

McCall Service is proud to utilize a newer form of mosquito control called bucket traps, an ingenious mosquito suppression device that attacks and prevents infestations at multiple levels. In2Care mosquito traps contain a scent specifically designed to draw pregnant mosquitoes into a bucket. This bucket is filled with water and contains a flotation device for the insects to land on and rest – however, the floater is covered by a gauze strip containing an innovative, EPA-approved, environmentally sound solution that’s toxic to mosquitoes.

While this landing strip in the middle of standing water provides a desirable breeding area for mosquitoes, it also kills larvae that are both on the trap and nearby. Finally, the mosquito bucket trap stops mosquito-borne viruses from replicating before killing off the insect within a couple of days.

Our Mosquito Suppression Strategy

When determining how to control mosquitoes, technicians have plenty of options at their disposal. Many pest control professionals opt for a combination of techniques and products to provide you with the level of protection you need, year-round. McCall Service offers Mosquito Plus, which combines granular and liquid micro-sprays with In2Care mosquito traps. These mosquito bucket traps must be serviced on a monthly basis to take advantage of the insects’ breeding cycles and eliminate infestations. When combined with our granular and micro-sprayer techniques, Mosquito Plus can help prevent infestations outside and stop existing pests from entering your home.

Mosquitoes put you and your loved ones at risk for diseases ranging from Zika virus to encephalitis. Professional pest control treatments are the key to reducing infestations. McCall Service provides a powerful yet safe formula for banishing mosquitoes from homes and businesses. Our liquid, granular and mosquito bucket trap treatments can help protect you from these pests now and in the future – Contact us for a free quote today!

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