How to Prevent Mole Cricket Damage to Your Lawn

A red and brown mole cricket crawls around the green stems of young tomato plants.

Floridians deal with plenty of irritating insects, rodents and other nuisances year-round thanks to the state’s pristine weather, which can make seemingly harmless pests like the mole cricket fly under the radar. However, if left alone, these creepy critters can wreak havoc on your lawn with ease. This blog from McCall Service will tell you all about how to spot the common signs of a mole cricket infestation in Florida, as well as how to get rid of them.

What is a mole cricket?

Mole crickets are found in many warm climates; in the U.S., they mostly live in Florida and other southern locations. This insect is a mostly subterranean pest whose shovel-like “hands” allow it to create tunnels under yards, causing damage to turf grass, vegetable gardens, and some agricultural crops. Mole crickets prefer to hide out during the day and do most of their tunneling and flying at night, making them difficult to spot. Common types of mole crickets in Florida include the short-winged, tawny, and southern varieties.

How to Identify Mole Crickets in the Lawn

The first thing you will notice when dealing with a mole cricket infestation are their homes. Mole crickets are excellent burrowers, and their tunnels tend to push up grass and soil with noticeable openings where they lay eggs. While building their homes these pests cut and eat grass roots, which can lead to extensive damages to lawns when large patches of grass are destroyed that are later filled with weeds.

Early signs of mole cricket damage can appear in the spring when they lay their eggs, but the most damage occurs in late summer and early fall when the eggs have hatched and they feed in excess. You may also notice racoons, birds, and other small animals begin to make their way to your yard, as they hunt mole crickets as a source of food. More wildlife being attracted to your yard often means more of a mess left behind in the long-run.

How do you get rid of mole crickets?

While government scientists began reducing the number of mole crickets in Florida by introducing beneficial insects, the most effective way to get rid of mole crickets in your lawn is with professional pest control. Pest control professionals use safe, efficient chemical treatments to get rid of mole crickets in the lawn. While these solutions are highly effective in the fall because they eliminate mole crickets before they can burrow deeper into the ground for the winter, mid-summer treatments can also be highly effective if a spring infestation is caught in time. Pest control companies use targeted applications that are designed to penetrate deep enough into the soil to reach their digging areas.

Get Professional Mole Cricket Removal with McCall Service

Anyone wondering how to get rid of mole crickets should contact a reputable pest-control company for professional help. McCall Service can help prevent mole cricket damage with effective treatments that won’t harm your family, pets or the environment. Contact our family-owned business for a free quote today if you see signs of mole crickets in the lawn – We’ll help you restore your beautiful, healthy lawn in no time.

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