The Importance of Identifying Wood Destroying Organisms

For those in the process of buying or selling a home, you are likely to receive a home inspection report detailing the state of various home components, systems, and structures. During this process, you may come across the option for a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection. In Florida, home mortgage lenders such as banks, mortgage companies, and others often require that homes receive a ‘clean bill of health’ from termites and other wood destroying organisms. This is an important inspection that will uncover any visible insect infestations or fungal infections that pose a threat to the wood in your home.

What are Wood Destroying Organisms?

Wood destroying organisms, also known as WDOs, are typically termites, but can also be wood-boring beetles and/or wood-decaying fungi.


Termites are pests that we are familiar with but hope to never see in our homes. These insects are difficult to get rid of once established and can cause significant damage to your home. Florida is home to many different species of termites, including drywood, subterranean, and Formosan termites. One species, the drywood termite, will infest wood structures of homes, creating damage from the inside out.

Wood-Boring Beetles

Wood-boring beetles include powder post beetles and old house borers. Not as common as termites, these wood-boring pests can cause significant damage to your home if not found in time. They can even affect non-wood structures, boring through plaster, plastic, and even soft metals that might cover underlying wood.

Wood-Decaying Fungi

Discovering wood rot in your home’s structure is usually a result of rainfall or a plumbing leak within the home. Unfortunately, once the fungi begin decaying the wood, it’s difficult to save it. The best plan is to determine where the moisture source began and fix the issue before more damage is done.

What To Do Next?

When a WDO Inspection is needed to move in or out of a home, our Real Estate team at McCall is ready to assist you with your inspection needs. We will provide exceptional service in pinpointing where the problem is and ensure that a solution is made to protect your home.

We hope to provide a ‘clean bill of health’ to ease your mind during this step in the moving process. Be sure to give us a call and our Real Estate Services Team can provide you with a WDO Inspection Report.



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