Four Common Grass Diseases That Signal An Unhealthy Lawn

diseased spot on a lawn

Our beautiful climate year-round should guarantee beautiful lawns every season. How can a yard in sunny Florida develop lawn diseases? You work hard taking care of the turf around your home. Why doesn’t it pay you back with soft, thick healthy grass? As one of the state’s leading lawn service companies, we’re happy to answer these questions and more.

Four Grass Diseases That Leave a Yard in Trouble

Most lawn diseases here in the Sunshine State have a lot in common. They’re usually a type of fungal growth, and they all thrive in our tropical climate. These four really go wild when they invade a yard that’s already in trouble.

1. Summer Patch

True to its name, this lawn fungus prefers our hot Florida summers. It also favors under-watered grass. It shows up as two-inch circular patches and quickly spreads, covering areas as large as 12 inches. Summer patch often leaves clumps of green grass inside rings of dead turf.

2. Brown Patch

This type of lawn disease typically indicates compacted soil with high levels of nitrogen. Brown patch first appears as six-inch circles of brownish and yellow grass and eventually affects areas measuring several feet in diameter.

3. Powdery Mildew

High humidity and soil with low nitrogen levels create ideal conditions for fast-spreading powdery mildew. Its gray or white dust on grass blades interferes with the photosynthesis that keeps a lawn healthy.

4. Red Thread

Just like powdery mildew, red thread thrives in under-nourished lawns, especially when the humidity stays high. Its red or pink threads web through grass, binding blades together and eventually turning the entire yard brown.

Expert Strategies for Defending Your Turf

Controlling grass disease and maintaining healthy turf starts with fine-tuning the fertilizing process. An important component of our home lawn service focuses on determining exactly which nutrients your yard needs to stay strong. We also maintain your landscape’s good health with weed and pest control and seasonal aeration. Our teams develop comprehensive strategies tailored to defending your home’s turf against all kinds of lawn problems.

Keeping Lawns Strong and Healthy

We know you take good care of the home landscape, but we also know a little extra support can make a big difference. Our expert services are prepared to keep Florida yards in top shape, and they help keep lawn diseases out of your turf. With more than 80 years of lawn service expertise, you can count on McCall Service to keep your yard healthy and beautiful.



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