DIY Spring Pest Control

A basket of kitchen cleaning supplies

Spring is in full swing, which means you could be noticing more spring pests around your property. Whether it’s carpenter bees, rodents, ants, mosquitoes, and more, dealing with an unwanted infestation can be stressful. Luckily, as we do our spring cleaning, there are a couple of easy do-it-yourself pest control precautions you can put into place to help avoid spring pests this year.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Having an overall clean house will make it less attractive and hospitable for pests. In the kitchen, wash all your dishes daily and clean any food scraps out of the sink afterward. After you prepare your food and eat, wipe down the kitchen counters, tables, and other surfaces immediately. When storing your food, look to utilize glass or plastic containers so pests, like cockroaches, can’t find them!

Eliminate Excess Moisture

Pests need a water source to survive, and even the smallest amount can attract them. Keeping your home free of excess moisture and well-ventilated will go a long way to avoiding them. Look throughout your home for any leaky faucets and repair them as soon as possible. Utilizing a dehumidifier can help decrease moisture and consider investing in a crawlspace enclosure as pests tend to gravitate towards basements.

Maintain Your Yard

Before pests enter your home, they must first enter your yard. The maintenance of your yard is the first line of defense to help avoid pests. Look to get rid of piles of debris, leaves, and fallen branches as they will attract pests such as snakes and mice. Keep your grass cut and try to eliminate weeds throughout your property. If you’re storing woodpiles, make sure they are off the ground or store them in wood boxes with lids to help avoid pests like termites.

Dealing with a pest or wildlife infestation is less than ideal. Sometimes, it’s best to reach out to your local pest control provider, who will properly identify the pest you’re dealing with and provide a proper treatment plan.


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