Do Termites Fly?

Three winged termites flapping their wings.

It may seem impossible, but termites do fly. While many insect species, such as wasps, flies, and mosquitoes develop permanent wings as adults, others only have them during specific stages in their life cycles. Termites are one of these species. When termites’ colonies reach capacity, they produce flying termites, or alates, that fly away from their colonies to form new ones.

Unfortunately, Florida homes are often flying termites’ destinations. If you suspect flying termites have set their sights on your home, or want to prevent them from invading, learn more about these pests with McCall Service.

What do flying termites look like?

Flying termites often resemble ant alates. They are typically ¼ to ⅛ inches long, with light brown, dark brown, or black bodies. Their wings are light yellow or clear, and slightly longer than their bodies. Male and female flying termites are identical and travel in groups, or swarms. These journeys to form new colonies are known as nuptial flights.

Do flying termites always have wings?

Flying termites do not keep their wings. Once a mated pair of flying termites find a suitable place to start a colony, they detach their wings and begin reproducing. Homeowners with a developing termite infestation may even find piles of these wings where multiple flying termites have discarded them. If you find these pale, shimmery wings around your home, contact McCall Service to schedule a termite inspection.

When do termites swarm in Florida?

In a warm climate like Florida’s, termites can swarm almost any time of year. However, subterranean termites and drywood termites typically take flight in the spring and summer. Termite swarms usually fly away around dusk and are especially active during Florida’s rainy season.

How to Prevent Florida Termite Swarms

Concerned about a potential swarm around your home? McCall Service offers routine residential pest control services for your peace of mind. Our experienced termite control specialists will inspect your property for any signs of flying termite or adult termite activity. If we find any conditions that are conducive to a potential infestation, we’ll provide a set of recommendations and a free quote for termite control in Florida.

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