3 Reasons Your Home Has Fleas

a flea on a piece of white fabric

If you’re a pet owner, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve experienced a flea infestation before. Our pets spend quite a bit of time outside, which means they can track in all manner of unwelcome evidence of their time outside. What about if you’re not a pet owner? Maybe you’ve noticed signs of fleas, like bites on your arms or even the little jumping bugs in places around your home.

In some cases, you may experience the joys of having fleas without even owning a pet. McCall Service is here to explain why these tiny nuisance pests are inside your house and what you can do about it if you’ve seen the signs of fleas.

a flea on a piece of white fabric

How do fleas get inside my home?

You don’t even need a pet to introduce fleas into your home because fleas are tiny and easy to miss, especially when you’re concerned with other problems. Common reasons to find fleas inside a house include, but aren’t limited to:

You’ve purchased used furniture and haven’t cleaned it.

Whether it’s on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, you can find amazing deals on used pieces of furniture, from sectional sofas to armchairs and barstools. What these items have in common, however, is a completely unknown user history. When you bring used furniture into your home, you should clean it beforehand. Failure to do so could mean that fleas have hitched a ride into your home without you knowing.

You picked them up outside while on a walk.

Enjoying the great outdoors is a fantastic way to relieve stress. Taking a long walk through your neighborhood or simply playing outside with kids has massive health benefits. If you’ve spent any time outdoors, you may be completely unaware of fleas that have climbed into your shoes or clothes while outside. Much like with ticks, be aware of any tall grass that you encounter while out in nature. If you’ve spent any time outside recently, consider stripping down before you get into your house or throw your clothing directly into the washing machine.

Unwelcome wildlife has come calling at your door.

Just because you don’t have pets in or around your home doesn’t mean your property is an animal-free zone. Any number of wild animals like rabbits, deer, raccoons, or even rodents can introduce fleas into your home by coming onto your property. Be aware of any problem wildlife that may be spending time around your yard and call professional help to rid yourself of them if they’re proving too disruptive.

Call McCall Service for Flea Control in Florida

The best way to kick fleas out of your home is to trust the pest specialists at McCall Service. In addition to treating your home for the little things, we can help reduce the number of fleas in your yard and ensure your outdoor time doesn’t lead to any itchy issues. To learn more about how we can handle your flea problem—and other potential pest issues—contact us today for a free flea control quote.

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