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04 / 08 / 20

Healthy Habits: Avoiding Springtime Pests

As spring and summer approach, so do common pest problems. Stay safe around the home with these tips.

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01 / 27 / 17
squirrel near jacksonville home

Wildlife Causing Problems In Jacksonville

Wildlife is unpredictable, it is destructive, and it can cause significant health problems for you and your family. When you spot a wild animal or suspect you have one nearby, your first instinct is to post a photo online and your second action is looking for DIY solutions to get rid of it. Your plans won’t work. DIY ideas to get rid of animals are no match for the common problems caused by wildlife in Jacksonville.

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10 / 21 / 16

Wildlife Seeking Food, Shelter & Water In Gainesville

One of the things that draw people to Gainesville is the fact that we enjoy pretty moderate temperatures throughout the year. Sure, it will sometimes drop to freezing a day or two each year; but, generally, we can enjoy mild to warm temperatures year round. We do, however, have a fluctuation in temperatures from summer to fall and fall to winter that are just enough to encourage woodland creatures to want to find a stable source of shelter. If your Gainesville home suits their fancy, creatures such as armadillos, bats, gophers, moles, possums, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, snakes, and birds may choose your home as their resting place.

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08 / 19 / 16
mccall wildlife technician with trapped raccoon

When Wildlife Invade

When living in Florida it is never a question of if, but rather when, wild animals are going to come onto your property. Florida is known for its overabundance of wildlife, and the more people moving into their territory, the more wild animals will be spotted on our “territory”. It is important to remember that no matter how fluffy, scaly, big, small, cute, or creepy the wildlife on your property is, you should not try to handle or remove it on your own; a wildlife control expert should always be called to eliminate dangerous or damaging wild animals from your property!

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