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07 / 31 / 17
mosquito bite

How Mosquito Control Works

Did you know that a single female mosquito can produce 3,000 larvae in her lifetime? No wonder it seems like there are millions of mosquitoes everywhere we turn and that we just can’t seem to avoid them! The good news about that number is…

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07 / 25 / 17
mole cricket up close

Problems Mole Crickets Cause

Throughout the colorful shipping history of the United States, several pests have been introduced to our shores from Europe as well as other areas of the globe. The mole cricket is one such pest. Though they have been a fixture in Ocala for well…

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07 / 20 / 17
bed bug up close on hotel carpet

Uncommon Places to Find Bed Bugs

Most people are plugged into the news and now know about the dangers of bed bugs. We know that they can be found in hotels, homes, and other places where we sleep; but did you know that they can be found in other places that we do not sleep? More…

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07 / 18 / 17
lawn in florida

Why You Should Trust McCall Service with Your Lawn Care

If you are looking to have a green, healthy lawn again and it looks like an impossible task because your lawn has been taking a beating over the years, it may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed; but don’t be discouraged. It happens to the…

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07 / 14 / 17
silverfish on gray background

What Is Attracting Silverfish to My Tallahassee Home?

The silverfish! That weird, slimy, slithery looking bug that seems to show up just when you least expect it to. Most of us at one time or another have picked up a box from off the basement floor or moved some stuff around in the attic only to…

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