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06 / 24 / 16
inspecting for bed bugs

Georgia Bed Bugs on My Mind

Do you have Georgia bed bugs on your mind? It isn't surprising. Bed bug infestations are growing at an alarming rate all across the country, and Georgia is no exception. In fact, bed bugs love Georgia. When the temperature and humidity climbs…

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06 / 22 / 16
silverfish up close

Why do I have Silverfish in my Home?

If you have silverfish in your home, you may have a moisture problem.

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06 / 21 / 16
carpenter ant crawling on wood

Ants in Jacksonville, Florida

Ants here in Jacksonville are active all year long. Take a look at these common ants and what you can do to keep them out of your Jacksonville home.

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06 / 20 / 16
mole cricket on board

Mole Crickets Are Inspiring

Are you familiar with what a muse is? In ancient Greece, a muse referred to a woman who was the source of inspiration for a creative artist; but, in these modern times, it can be anything that provides inspiration to an artist. For the hard…

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06 / 10 / 16
termites found in ground

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Tampa

There are few things that can horrify a Tampa homeowner more than finding termites. In Tampa, we don't just have the most destructive termites species found in the entire United States, we have ALL of them. The tropical temperatures in Florida…

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