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09 / 29 / 16
mosquito biting florida resident

Mosquito Season Isn't Over Just Yet

Here In Florida, we can thank the tropical weather for a lot of things. It gives us a bunch of sunny days to enjoy through the spring, summer, and fall. It provides the nourishment for a wide variety of beautiful and exotic plants to grow. And, it…

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09 / 27 / 16
stinging insects around nest

Stinging Insects In Bad Moods This Fall

If you are like a lot of people in Savannah, late September, and October are the best months to just sit outside and enjoy the cooler air as you watch the leaves begin to change. Fall is a spectacular display in Georgia, and you won’t want…

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09 / 21 / 16
checking termite bait station

Protect Your Tallahassee Home From Termites

Let’s face it, the perfect climate here in Tallahassee offers a lot of benefits, but it also offers the perfect environment for insects to thrive in. Some insects are quite noticeable, like those hornets nesting in the back yard, or the…

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09 / 20 / 16
home flooded after storm

Pests Seek Shelter From Tropical Storms Too

There is nothing on the earth more unpredictable than a tropical storm. Whether it is an actual ‘tropical storm’ or a full blown hurricane, these tropical systems seem to have a mind of their own. Sure, our meteorologists do a great…

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09 / 15 / 16
mosquito bite

Travel Advisory For Zika

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out a travel advisory for Miami-Dade county and is suggesting that people avoid this area if they are concerned about getting the Zika virus. As of this writing, there have been 48 confirmed…

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