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I had a Mrs. Kriebel call and say that she and her husband was thoroughly impressed with the way Dewey Newgent did their TTR and they wanted you to know how nice a man he was and how thorough he was, so please pass along the compliment to Dewey and just wanted you all to know as well.

Thanks and have a great day,

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Tampa Pest Control Pros Offer Holiday Pest Tips

What's the deal with pests and holidays? It seems like every Thanksgiving and every Christmas bugs and wildlife are getting into everything.

Categories: Pest Prevention Tips

Tags: pest exclusion  |  pest prevention tips  |  tampa pest control  |  pest free holidays

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How To Prevent Pantry Pests This Thanksgiving

Pantry pests, also known as 'Stored Product Pests” represent a group of pests with an appetite for dried and processed food products that are stored in your home.

Categories: Pest Prevention Tips

Tags: pantry pests  |  Indian meal moth  |  holiday pest problems  |  Florida bugs

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Why Bed Bugs Love The Holiday Season

Bed bugs aren't generally aware of the holidays. They don't throw a turkey in the oven, and they don't wait till you drip turkey juice between the oven and the stove like those cockroaches do. Bed bugs don't care for turkey or potatoes or cranberry sauce. Their diet is limited to just blood. Human blood.

Categories: Bed Bug Control

Tags: bed bug prevention  |  bed bugs Florida  |  bed bug education  |  bed bug travel tips

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How To Ban Spiders From Your Ocala Home

The list of spiders that would like to invade your Ocala home is surprisingly long.

Categories: Pest Prevention Tips

Tags: spiders in FL  |  get rid of spiders  |  spider control in Ocala  |  Ocala exterminator

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