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10 / 12 / 17
a palmetto bug feasting on sugar crystals

Florida Cockroaches: The Infamous Palmetto Bugs

Known in Florida as palmetto bugs, this state’s cockroaches are tough to stop. Learn about common types and how McCall can help eliminate them.

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09 / 28 / 17
pieces of wood that have termite damage

Super-Termites, Meet Your Kryptonite

Termites cause damage, especially Formosan termites, the so-called “super-termite.” Call in McCall Pest Control to hit back with termite kryptonite.

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09 / 21 / 17
a group of fire ants on a metallic, gray background

Tricks of the Trade: Spotting and Treating Fire Ants

Fire ants are so named for a reason: They often leave painful sores when they bite. Fight back with McCall Pest Control.

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07 / 31 / 17
mosquito bite

How Mosquito Control Works

Did you know that a single female mosquito can produce 3,000 larvae in her lifetime? No wonder it seems like there are millions of mosquitoes everywhere we turn and that we just can’t seem to avoid them! The good news about that number is…

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07 / 25 / 17
mole cricket up close

Problems Mole Crickets Cause

Throughout the colorful shipping history of the United States, several pests have been introduced to our shores from Europe as well as other areas of the globe. The mole cricket is one such pest. Though they have been a fixture in Ocala for well…

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