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07 / 31 / 15
Chickens In Tarpon Springs

West Nile Confirmed In Tarpon Springs Chicken

Are you aware of the chickens on the wall? Like sentry guards, they scan the horizon, searching for danger with their ever-watchful eyes. Ready, at a moment's notice, to cluck out a warning call to stir the men-at-arms. "Danger approaches!" They…

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07 / 30 / 15
Library Book

Bed Bugs In Tampa Area Libraries

You'll never guess what's been creeping in your public library--unless you just read the title of this article. That's right. Bed bugs have been found in Tampa area libraries. Yup. Disgusting. But before you panic and vow never to go to the…

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07 / 28 / 15

Are You Giving Tallahassee Mosquitoes The Come Hither Eyes?

Scientists say that climate change is going to make the Southeast a lot wetter this summer, and with all that moisture comes more mosquitoes. Is that anything to worry about? According to the Mayo Clinic, it might be. They say, "Most people…

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07 / 26 / 15
Batman and Robin Stamp

Florida's Dynamic Duo

No, we're not talking about Adam West and Burt Ward, television's first Batman and Robin. Florida's Dynamic Duo is subterranean and drywood termites. Together, these two home wreckers pack a punch. "Blaaaaam!"

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