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"I just wanted to let management know how pleased we are with the caring and knowledgeable service Gary Hudson and Tom Mohr, the service technician, were in helping us with our pest issue. The solution was spot on and we are back to enjoying our home. With these gentlemen on your staff, you will certainly continue to be a force in your field."

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Back To School: Tips For Preventing Bed Bugs

The college year is in full swing, and that means bed bug activity is on the rise. All the bugs that hitched a ride in to school, from every corner of the globe, have had time to lay their eggs. And, since bed bugs grow to adulthood in about a month, if any have nested in your room, now is when you'll start to see them. They won't be tiny, little brown specs anymore. These tick-like blood…

Categories: Bed Bug Control

Tags: bed bug prevention  |  bed bugs Florida  |  bed bug education

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Prepare For Possible Termite Swarms In October

It's October. Should you still be worried about termites? The unfortunate answer is, yes. Swarms typically happen in springtime, and are a concern for many Florida homeowners, but subterranean termites can be seen swarming in October as well. There are many reports, from all over the state. I'm sure we don't have to tell you that these insects are nothing to mess around with. They cost…

Categories: Termite Control

Tags: swarmers  |  termite swarms  |  Florida termites

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The Threats Of Mice And Rats (Plus How To Prevent Them!)

In perfect conditions, mice and rats aren't dangerous. They are not disease ridden, and they don't generally bite. Some people even have them as pets. But the difference between pets and pest, isn't just a rearranging of letters (clever, huh?). A mouse or rat in a cage isn't the same creature who slips into your house through a dime sized gap in the rotted wood under your porch. Domesticated mice…

Categories: Pest Prevention Tips

Tags: mice  |  pest prevention tips  |  rats  |  rodent control

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Brown Patch Fungus: How To Get Rid Of It

The first step to getting rid of any lawn disease is to identify and understand what is happening to your lawn. Brown patch fungus can be very damaging to your lawn. It begins with small patches of lawn turning straw colored, brown or reddish brown. These patches start out about 1 foot in diameter. These patches can continue to spread and kill the grass leaves. This lawn disease does not…

Categories: Lawn Care

Tags: lawn diseases in Florida  |  brown patches on lawn  |  Florida lawn care  |  brown patch fungus

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