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10 / 12 / 15
home that recently sold

New Home Pest Control & Lawn Care

Owning a home can significantly improve your quality of life. But it also comes with responsibilities and threats that can quickly dampen the joys of your new-found freedom. That is why it is important to consider these issues before you commit to…

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10 / 09 / 15
bed bug on mattress

Don't Throw Away Your Bed Because Of Bed Bugs

‘Bed bug’ is a horrible name. Honestly. The scientific name Cimex lectularius offers a little more insight into these bugs, in that lectularius means bed or couch, but even this fails to help us understand where these bugs live or how…

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10 / 06 / 15
earwig crawling on rock

Earwig Q&A

This is an insect that has garnered a lot of bad press through the centuries. We're not sure why. It might be the scary pincers that look like they could claw into you or the dark shiny skin that make it look slippery enough to slide right into…

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09 / 30 / 15
silverfish looking for winter shelter

Cooler Fall Weather Effects Tallahassee Bugs

It can get really cold in Tallahassee… for bugs. There are some bugs that start to look for a place to hide when temperatures get below 50 degrees. This is because many bugs are cold-blooded. Creatures that are cold-blooded don't have the…

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