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03 / 31 / 15
lawn care

Lawn Care For Your Jacksonville Lawn

There are a lot of things that can hurt your Florida lawn, and trying to keep up with all of them can be an exercise in futility. Does it have enough water? Does it have too much water? What is this fungus that is chewing on all my leaves? The…

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03 / 26 / 15
Image of Ants

Spring Pests In Tallahassee

The Northern states with their ice storms and piles of snow really notice when spring arrives. All the pests that hide from the brutal winds and bone-snapping temperatures emerge from their attic spaces and their walls to bring spring misery. This…

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03 / 24 / 15
Image of an Ant

DIY Ant Control In Jacksonville

Have you ever injured yourself? What was the first thing you did? You treated the wound the best way you knew how. Right? Most wounds we suffer in life can be dealt with using hot water, some anti-bacterial cream, and a Band-Aid. But every once in…

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03 / 21 / 15
Image of a Bed Bug

Bed Bugs And Your Business

It is strange how something can be accepted in one context and completely unacceptable in another, for instance: it is okay to wear a bikini at the beach, but if you wear that same bikini through the mall, it is much less acceptable. Or how…

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