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"All your guys are really nice & professional but Adam Bardtke who did our lawn service on 4/10/12 was exceptional. He was very polite & professional like all your personnel (which is extremely nice to see) but he really seemed to appreciate having a good job. This is sometimes lacking in young people today so it was really special to see someone who took so much pride in doing a great job. I believe he will really be an asset to your company."

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Christmas Carols From McCall

To help you stay protected from pests this holiday season, McCall's has altered a few classic Christmas Carols to make them more informative. Enjoy!

Categories: Florida Pests

Tags: florida exterminators  |  holiday pest problems  |  home pest control  |  Florida bugs

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Winter Lawn Care Tip: Overseeding

How can you help your lawn to survive the colder winter months? During the winter months, Florida lawns tend to take a turn for the worse. They grow slower, loose color and even turn brown. The solution to this winter grass dilemma is “overseeding” your lawn. Taking time to do the fall months before the temperature drops will help you to ensure your lawn stays healthy all winter. This…

Categories: Lawn Care

Tags: lawn care services  |  lawn care Florida  |  overseeding  |  winter lawn care

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Ocala Pest Control Pros On Earwigs

The name earwig conjures up thoughts of a foul creature that climbs into the ear of its host, burrows into the brain, and lays its eggs. Fortunately, this is only a myth. A very creepy myth. Earwigs don't have any interest in your ear canal at all.

Categories: Home Pest Control

Tags: get rid of earwigs  |  earwig control  |  do earwigs bite  |  Ocala exterminator

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4 Tips For Pest Free Holiday Decorating

The holidays can be a little stressful. The last thing you need is a bug infestation.

Categories: Pest Prevention Tips

Tags: pest prevention tips  |  pest free holidays  |  holiday pest problems  |  home pest control

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