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06 / 23 / 17
subterranean termites found in ground near ocala home

Termite Problems Can Happen in Ocala

We all know that termites are a terrible problem in Florida. Just take a look in the paper or watch the news, and you will see the reports about termite damage or hear about a neighbor or a friend that is dealing with a termite infestation the…

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06 / 20 / 17
mosquito biting savannah resident

This Is Just The Start Of Mosquito Season In Savannah

If you live in our West Georgia service area, you've probably already taken a look at the ever-growing count of local Zika virus cases that have been reported in Florida this year. As of this writing, cases of local transmissions have climbed to…

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06 / 16 / 17
tick crawling on skin

Are Ticks Dangerous?

Tallahassee has its fair share of outdoor pests. Living in such a hot and humid environment appeals to a lot of us, but it also appeals to pests like ticks that typically find their way into our yards clinging to wild animals that are traveling…

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06 / 14 / 17
stinging insects building nest

Tips To Avoid Stinging Insects in Gainesville

Stinging insects are scary, and most people don’t want these insects anywhere near them. As scary as they are, it can be very helpful to know a little about these pests. The ‘need to know’ list should begin with “Why do…

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06 / 06 / 17
bed bug technician doing inspection

Bed Bug Awareness

Tampa, Florida, is a hot spot for vacationers from all over the world. People flock to Florida for the climate as well as the never-ending list of things to do and see while they are here. Many of us who live here will likely get visitors from…

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