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01 / 18 / 18
New Year's resolution note on a corkboard

Why Pest Control Should Be Your New Year's Resolution

Now that the New Year has arrived, it’s time to say goodbye to your pest issue. McCall Service describes the reasons to make pest control your resolution.

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12 / 28 / 17
A Daddy Long Legs walks across the ground.

6 Surprising Characteristics of the Daddy Long Legs

You probably know Daddy Long Legs for its name, but what else do you truly know about it? McCall is here to provide a full look at this odd species.

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12 / 14 / 17
A colony of mosquitoes flying

The End of Mosquito Season Isn't the End of Mosquitoes in Florida

In most places, mosquitoes aren’t active during winter, but Florida is often an exception. McCall Services explains their extended season.

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11 / 30 / 17
A group of rats huddle together for warmth

How a Rat Infestation Quickly Grows Out of Control

Short gestation periods and large litters allow rodents to multiply quickly, making pest control tricky. Trust McCall Service for efficient extermination.

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11 / 09 / 17
A termite crawls along a wooden deck

Fall Brings Termites (and the Need for Pest Control)

Termites cause extensive damage to homes across the world, but are especially attracted to our Florida humidity. Find out how you can stop them.

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