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"I just wanted to let management know how pleased we are with the caring and knowledgeable service Gary Hudson and Tom Mohr, the service technician, were in helping us with our pest issue. The solution was spot on and we are back to enjoying our home. With these gentlemen on your staff, you will certainly continue to be a force in your field."

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Why Your Lawn Needs Weed Control

It is hard to cultivate the lush, green lawn when every few feet a prickly. Little nameless plant ruins what is otherwise a perfect specimen. Weeds can quickly take over your yard and gardens by being uniquely adaptable to spread quickly and grow very fast, becoming the bane of gardeners and lawn lovers everywhere. People all over the country are fighting a seemingly endless battle for control…

Categories: Lawn Care

Tags: lawn care Florida  |  jacksonville lawn care  |  weed control

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Why DIY Ant Control Does Not Work

There are so many homemade, do-it-yourself remedies for killing ants, and for good reason--ants are gross--and sometimes destructive. That's why we mix up magic potions filled with borax, corn meal, baking soda, vinegar, and a host of other bizarre ingredients, to make those ants suffer for ever thinking they could enter our peaceful home without permission. The problem is, we're the ones who…

Categories: Ants

Tags: how to get rid of ants  |  ant infestation  |  ant prevention tips  |  diy pest control

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Do You Have Bed Bugs? 4 Odd Places They Live

So have you detected bud bugs in your house? Have you taken measures to handle the problem yourself?

Categories: Bed Bug Control

Tags: get rid of bed bugs  |  bed bugs Florida  |  bed bug education

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Confirmed Case Of West Nile Virus In Alachua County

Avoiding mosquito bites is not only essential for your comfort but also your health. There are 170 different kinds of mosquitoes that carry many different diseases.

Categories: Mosquitoes

Tags: mosquito control  |  pest control gainesville  |  mosquito bites  |  West Nile Virus

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