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07 / 29 / 16
possum up close

Why Call The Professionals When You Discover Wildlife Has Invaded?

You notice a cute little squirrel entering and exiting a hole in your eaves. You see a sweet baby raccoon waddling after its mother through your backyard. You notice a gopher disappearing into a hole near your fence. What are you going to do?…

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07 / 27 / 16
lawn care professional

It's Not Too Late To Enjoy Your Lawn

Has the summer gotten away from you? It happens. Life can get busy and the next thing you know, you're ready to have some down time and do a cookout or a backyard gathering, but your lawn is not looking so good. It's not too late to get that lawn…

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07 / 25 / 16
termite bait station install

Protect Your Ocala Home From Termites

A question that is often asked of the pest control professionals at McCall Service is “Do I need termite control for my home in Ocala?” The simple, very short answer is, yes. We definitely recommend it.

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07 / 22 / 16
termite bait station being inspected

How To Get Rid Of Termites In Savannah GA

As most southern homeowners are aware of, termites are a huge problem. Every home, building, and property is at risk for termites and should be protected against them. But, protecting your home with DIY termite control products usually only leads…

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07 / 21 / 16
mosquito reduction service being applied

Does Mosquito Remediation Help?

It can feel like the battle against mosquitoes is a futile effort, but it isn't. Mosquito reduction services do make a difference; which is why government agencies call upon pest control companies all across the country to do remediation to…

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