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11 / 30 / 16
sentricon system

Tampa Providing Perfect Weather For Termites

The annual high temperature is 81.7, the annual low temperature is 65, the yearly average temperature is 73.35, and the average annual rainfall is 46.31 inches; name that city… If you guessed Tampa, Florida, you are correct. The averages…

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11 / 29 / 16
pest control technician in front of savannah home

Bundle Up, Savannah!

Winter is on its way to Savannah, Georgia, and it is getting a little colder. Especially at night. But, when we say bundle up, we're not talking about putting on a sweater or a coat. We're talking about the wise financial decision to bundle…

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11 / 23 / 16
lawn care technician with spreader

Why Do You Need Year-Round Care For Your Gainesville, Florida, Lawn?

Each year you say the same thing. Your lawn is a disaster, and you wish you had time to deal with it. You have thought about hiring a year-round lawn care service but never have done it. Every season you endure the changes in the weather, and the…

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11 / 21 / 16
pest control technician in front of florida home

Start A Career With McCall Service

McCall Service is way more than just a pest control company. Sure we handle the unwanted pests that have found their way into our customers homes, but we also provide lawn care services that can keep lawns healthy and strong throughout the year…

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11 / 18 / 16
bed bug up close on a bed in ocala

Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling This Holiday Season

If you are traveling for the holidays you may be thinking of all the plans you must make to get there. That may not seem so peaceful to you. You will need to know how you are traveling, buy tickets, or plan your route. You may need to make…

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