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Why Bed Bugs Love The Holiday Season

Bed bugs aren't generally aware of the holidays. They don't throw a turkey in the oven, and they don't wait till you drip turkey juice between the oven and the stove like those cockroaches do. Bed bugs don't care for turkey or potatoes or cranberry sauce. Their diet is limited to just blood. Human blood.

Categories: Bed Bug Control

Tags: bed bug prevention  |  bed bugs Florida  |  bed bug education  |  bed bug travel tips

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How To Ban Spiders From Your Ocala Home

The list of spiders that would like to invade your Ocala home is surprisingly long.

Categories: Pest Prevention Tips

Tags: spiders in FL  |  get rid of spiders  |  spider control in Ocala  |  Ocala exterminator

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5 Reasons Why Pests Love Your Home

Do you love your Florida home? Yes? Well, not surprisingly--so do pests. From your home they can stay active all year round. But you can make your home less attractive to pests by understanding what attracts them. Here are the top five things pests love.

Categories: Florida Pests

Tags: pest-proofing  |  pest exclusion  |  florida exterminators  |  home pest control

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Holiday Travel Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs In Jacksonville

The holiday travel season is quickly approaching and whether you are traveling to visit family, going on vacation, coming home from college, or just are busy out and about taking care of holiday errands, it is important to remember that bed bugs in Jacksonville and across the country are active and looking for new families to spend the holidays with.

Categories: Bed Bug Control

Tags: bed bug prevention  |  get rid of bed bugs  |  bed bugs Jacksonville  |  bed bug travel tips  |  holiday pest problems

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