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"While traveling recently my wife and I were stuck on the roadway with a flat tire. Mike Gammons stopped and asked if he could help us and then changed our tire. I could not believe we had such a nice person that would take the time out of his day to help like that in this day and time."

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Drywood Termites vs Subterranean Termites

Maybe you are wondering what kind of Jacksonville termites you should you be on the lookout for this spring. Well, McCall can help! We know that there are mainly two types of termites that can affect the people of Jacksonville: drywood termites and subterranean termites. Although they aren't directly hazardous to humans, they do pose a threat to any and all wood. This includes anything that is…

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Tags: jacksonville termite control  |  drywood termites  |  subterranean termites  |  types of termites

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Ocala Lawn Care Pros Offer Spring Tips

Even though winter weather is not near as severe for the residents of Florida as it is for people living in Northern states, the winter weather can still negatively affect the health of your Ocala, FL lawn. So, since spring is officially here, it is time to start thinking about lawn care. Now is the perfect time to repair any damages to your lawn that may have occurred over the winter and to…

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Tags: lawn care ocala  |  fertilization services in ocala  |  aeration services

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When DIY Bed Bug Treatments Go Wrong

Bed bugs are still a widespread problem for both home and business owners all across the country and Tallahassee is no exception. Bed bugs have a very negative association with them and for good reason. Businesses that have problems with bed bugs often times experience a loss of business and, unfortunately, a good reputation. Homeowners that have a bed bug problem often lose sleep and their…

Categories: Bed Bug Control

Tags: bed bugs Florida  |  how to get rid of bed bugs  |  bed bug control tallahassee

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Why You Don't Want A Termite Infestation And How To Prevent Them

There are several pests out there that you absolutely don’t want invading your Florida home and if termites aren’t already on your list they should be added! Termites are a wood destroying insect that if left untreated overtime has the potential to cause thousands of dollars in structural damages to your home. Luckily, if caught in time and treated for by professionals, termites can…

Categories: Termite Control

Tags: termite control  |  Florida termites  |  how to get rid of termites

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