Wildlife Removal and Prevention

If you’re being hassled by unwelcome visitors in the form of wildlife or other pests, McCall Service can help. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and kick these nuisance animals out and keep them out.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife Removal And Exclusion Experts

As a family-operated company, McCall Service knows how important it is to keep your home or business safe from all manner of pests, including nuisance and dangerous wildlife. McCall Service boasts over 130+ combined years of experience in the wildlife control field.

McCall Service specializes in the removal of nuisance and damaging wildlife near your home or business property. Our services and practices focus on not only removing the animals, but using exclusion to prevent them from coming back to bother you. Our trained pest professionals will evaluate your problem and develop a customized plan to remove wildlife and keep them from coming back.

What You Get With McCall

Wildlife Management

Wildlife management programs are available in Florida—including Jacksonville, Gainesville, Tampa, Tallahassee, and Ocala. McCall’s wildlife removal practices and techniques include the following:

Humane Animal Trapping

Animal Relocation


Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Control

Damage Control

Got Raccoons, Skunks, or Squirrels? We’ve Got You Covered.

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Florida Wildlife Experts

Providing over 95 years of total property protection, the McCall Service Florida wildlife experts are here to support your home or business with services suited to exclude, remove, and control animal nuisances. We understand Florida’s diverse wildlife and focus on offering human removal practices and techniques to protect your property. Our team is highly trained and experienced to handle challenging animal nuisance concerns. With McCall Service, you can feel confident that your Florida home or business is being protected by a team of experts who care about your property and bring comprehensive knowledge for total property protection. You can trust McCall to offer protection and solutions for all pests that attempt to invade your home – from rodents and squirrels to termites and mosquitoes – Trust McCall to Do it All.


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