Why Cockroaches Are Experts At Spreading Germs

group of cockroaches

Sunny Florida has everything a person could want: sandy beaches, warm temperatures, and fun attractions. Unfortunately, there are also plenty of cockroaches throughout the state. These pests thrive in subtropical climates and become very active when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees Fahrenheit. As a resident in Gainesville, FL, you’ll want to do everything possible to keep these pests out of your home, especially since they’re known for spreading diseases and multiplying out of control.

Reasons Why Roaches Spread Diseases

Cockroaches are fast.

It’s hard to prevent roaches from spreading diseases when you can’t catch them fast enough. These small pests can run up to two miles per hour (that’s very fast for their size) and dart quickly around obstacles. When they sense danger, they remain very still until the threat closes in, which causes them to take off to the nearest hiding spot.

Cockroaches are small.

Roaches vary in size depending on the species. American roaches can grow as much as two inches in length whereas German roaches measure around half an inch in size. The smaller the roach, the easier it is for it to hide in cracks and crevices inside your home. Roaches are nocturnal and will remain hidden during the day, making it difficult to detect these pests even though they’re hiding just out of sight.

Cockroaches are resilient.

Roaches have existed on this planet long before humans and are highly adaptive and resilient. They can survive in freezing temperatures, live for up to 40 minutes without oxygen, and resist various pesticides. In fact, it’s hard to eliminate a roach infestation in your home with basic over-the-counter pest control products. It’s important to have a professional inspect for roaches and use the appropriate treatments to kill the pests – not only where they’re hiding but also where they enter your home.

Professional Cockroach Control in Gainesville, FL

Roaches spread diseases such as salmonella and cholera and can trigger asthma symptoms in children. Without professional assistance, the roach population will continue to increase and cause more problems in your home. If you have a roach infestation, McCall Service can help. Our trained technicians are experts at cockroach control and will eliminate the pests while creating a barrier to keep them outside where they belong.


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