The Florida Pests That Are Bad For Your Lawn And Your Health

dead spot left by lawn pest

As a resident in Jacksonville, FL, you work hard to maintain a healthy, vibrant lawn. Unfortunately, you have to work even harder to prevent insect pests from ruining your lawn’s appearance. Some insects only ruin your lawn whereas others pose a threat to both the grass and your health. McCall Service is here with a few insects that you should look out for on your property every year.

Lawn Pests to Watch Out for in Jacksonville

Fire Ants

Fire ants threaten your lawn and your health. These pests live together in colonies with thousands of members. They construct sand mounds on your lawn that can reach as high as two feet and three feet across. Fire ants are also highly aggressive and will attack at once, using their powerful jaws to latch on to their victim. Afterward, they sting their victim and inject a toxic venom into its skin. These insects can kill small animals and pose a serious health risk to children and adults.


It’s important to check for fleas in your yard whether you perform lawn maintenance once a week or once a month. These insects multiply quickly and can spread throughout your lawn. They hop onto people and pets and bite into the skin to feed on blood. If you have a flea infestation outside, there’s an increased chance that these pests will venture inside your home and cause even more problems for your family.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs may not pose a direct threat to your health, but they will completely destroy your healthy lawn. They suck the sap from the grass and cause your lawn to develop yellow and brown spots. These insects prefer lawns that receive full sun and will continue to destroy your grass throughout the year. Without professional lawn care assistance, it won’t take long for chinch bugs to turn healthy grass into a dead patch.

Professional Lawn Care Services in Jacksonville

Some insect pests not only ruin the look of your lawn but also pose a threat to your family and pets. If fire ants, fleas or chinch bugs have infested your property, contact McCall Service in Jacksonville, FL for effective lawn care. Our professional technicians will thoroughly inspect your property for pests and use lawn-safe treatments to eliminate the problem. We’ll also set up a recurring lawn maintenance program to help your grass stay green and healthy all year long.


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