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lawn care Lawn Care

bundle and save STARTING AS LOW AS $3500 /Month *Not Including Initial Cost
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  • Bundle & Save

  • Year Round Coverage

Is Your Lawn Green And Healthy?

Weather, frost and insects, as well as wear and tear and over-watering, can have a negative impact on your lawn. Over time, these factors can lead to permanent damage. McCall Service offers lawn care services that will restore your lawn and make you the envy of your neighbors and includes:

  • 6 applications per year applied every other month

  • Our lawn program provides balanced fertilization, turf damaging insect control, broadleaf weed control and some turf diseases.  We use premium, custom blended products.  Our service provides for a standard service each treatment cycle, but each application is customized based on what your lawn needs at the time.

Available in Gainesville, Jacksonville, Ocala and Tallahassee as well as elsewhere in Northern Florida, our professional lawn care is the ideal solution for homes and businesses.



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Lawn Care Service Add On

ornamental shrub care icon

Ornamental Shrub Care

  • 6 applications per year applied every other month

  • Fertilization and insect control

  • Due to the nature of plant diseases, we do not offer any type of warranty for damage due to disease.  We will treat for them as they arise, but do not guarantee the results.

fire ant control icon

Fire Ant
When service is provided with our standard 6 application programs, the ant bait service will be provided twice per year.  We apply ant bait to the entire turf area as well as individual mounds. 

lawn flea control icon

Flea Control
Insecticide specifically designed to control all life stages of fleas will be applied to each lawn care service.

mccall service lawn care technician

Leave Your Lawn To the McCall Lawn Pros 

Our lawn care services are administered by service technicians experienced and knowledgeable in disease control, insect control and application methods that are designed to keep your lawn and ornaments green and healthy. We offer a variety of lawn care treatments and solutions that will restore and rejuvenate your lawn including:

  • Control of brown patch fungus and common turf grass pests

  • Control of pests on ornamental plants and shrubbery

  • Fertilizer for lawns and ornamentals

  • Hydretain®

  • Sod and Irrigation Services

  • Weed control

Let us design a lawn care program that meets your specific needs. From fertilizer to weed and insect control, McCall has your lawn covered.


Reduce Watering Requirements By Up To 50% Or More

Chronically dry soil can become moisture resistant resulting in ineffective watering and poor absorption results. At McCall Service, we utilize Hydretain® to help lawns deal with drought stress. Acting like water magnets, Hydretain® molecules have an advanced and eco-friendly chemistry that forms a thin film on root surfaces.

  • Permit water absorption rather than channeling moisture away

  • Prolong healthy internal processes

  • Dramatically reduce or eliminate drought-related stress issues

  • Control or eliminate dry spots

  • Reduce watering expenses



lawn watering service installed in a tampa lawn

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