When Are Bees Pests And When Are They Useful?

bee pollinating a yellow flower

Save the Bees is an important movement, but can these stinging insects also be pests? A single bee visits as many as 5,000 flowers a day, making it an important insect for pollination not only in Jacksonville, FL but also throughout the world. However, numerous people suffer allergic reactions when they’re stung, and some bee species actually cause damage to homes. How can you tell when they’re pests? And how do you get rid of them without killing them?

When Should You Get Rid of Bees?

Bees are vital to the pollination of not only beautiful flowers but crops as well. Unfortunately, bee populations are dying due to a variety of reasons. Killing them doesn’t just hurt the bees, but the environment and your food sources as well. If possible, you should leave them be.

Of course, it isn’t always possible. Here are a few signs that it might be time to curb that bee population:

  • There are lots of bees where children regularly frequent
  • Family allergies make bees particularly dangerous
  • Large hive and bee populations close to your home

How to Get Rid of Bees Without Killing Them

If you’ve decided that you do need to get rid of the bees, there are some ways you can do so without killing them.

Paint and stain the wood.

The carpenter bee burrows holes in wood to build their nests. It will fly and hover around doors and windows and search for the best spot around deck railings and eave fascia boards. Painting and staining the wood around your house can deter a carpenter bee from chewing holes and building nests on your property.

Keep flowers away from gathering spots.

Planting flowers around your home and hanging flowerpots on the patio increases curb appeal and livens the outdoor space. It also attracts various bee species to those areas and brings people and stinging insects close together. If you want to avoid stings but still invite honeybees to your yard, place the flowers away from the patio and other areas where people lounge or entertain outdoors.

Bee Pest Control in Jacksonville

Saving the bees is crucial for pollination, but you don’t have to turn your home and yard into a bee sanctuary to do it. Making smart decisions, such as painting wood fascia and keeping flowers away from areas where people gather outside, prevents run-ins with these stinging insects. But if there’s a hive you just can’t conquer, contact McCall Service for more information about the various bee species in Jacksonville, FL and how our pest control services can help.



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