The Most Common Lawn Pests You Never See in Florida

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It’s hard to beat a lush, green lawn. But sometimes brown patches just happen no matter how much you water, fertilize, and tend to the yard. What could be happening?

While you’re busy dealing with the grass, there are things beneath the soil and at the surface undoing all your hard work. McCall Service has some common Florida lawn pests to look out for if your grass isn’t turning out how you want it to be.

4 Lawn Pests Killing Your Grass

White Grubs

These white, C-shaped grubs live beneath the soil and attack the roots. Fully mature, the grubs transform into beetles and no longer threaten your grass. But as grubs, it’s important to locate and eradicate them before they turn your lawn into a brown patch.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small, invasive turf pests that suck the juices from the grass blades. They attack the grass in small areas, creating visible brown patches. They also inject poison into the blades, killing the grass quickly. If they’re not treated in time, chinch bugs can ruin an entire lawn.

Mole Crickets

Mole crickets attack the grass from beneath the soil, burrowing through the dirt and eating away your beautiful lawn. They’re not easy to see and can turn into a worrisome infestation if they’re not stopped in time.


Ants may not attack the grass below the ground, but their anthills cause visually unappealing damage to your lawn. If fire ants have invaded your property, they’ll overtake the entire area and create huge dirt mounds throughout your lawn. They might not kill the grass purposely, but they’ll turn your green lawn into a dirt field.

Professional Florida Lawn Service and Pest Control

A beautiful, vibrant green lawn isn’t out of your reach. It only takes patience, time, and a superior Florida lawn service to make it all happen. If lawn pests are ruining your property, McCall Service is here to help.

Our pest control professionals specialize in lawn care and treating the insects that attack both the roots and the grass. We’ll eliminate the problem and create a routine program to keep your lawn looking its best through every season. Contact us today—we’re always happy to help.

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